Handy Winter Products for Your Skid Steer Loader

Posted by Jorden on 11th Oct 2015


Welcome to the great Season of your butt being cold and everything in your cab being a little more damp and moist. At least some of you won't be complaining about not having AC in the cab when it's over 100 degrees out side.

The farmers needed it this season when it never came, and now it is deciding to freeze and come when no one but the mountain riders are excited to see it. Yes, that's water and a lot of it and it's frozen kin are coming this year so for this weeks post, we have decided to feature a few of the products that you need to have a look at, especially you east and midwesterners. Here's the deal, if you've read this far. Keep reading and if you want attachments that really remove snow, head to the attachments section and check out the sweet deal we have going on this week.

Lets first start with some of the great accessories we have at SkidSteerSolutions.com.

How about a Salt Spreader?

Mini Skid Steer: http://www.skidsteersolutions.com/skid-steer-attac...

Skid Steer: http://www.skidsteersolutions.com/skid-steer-attac...

A Skid Steer Solutions Wiper Kit for your Skid Steer Loader, CTL or UTV, these are great!


You don't have a track loader and you are worried about sliding around on the inclined driveway?


Tire Chains

If you are still sliding around on the hard icy surfaces that is your fault because you haven't bought these little guys.



If it only costs $179.00 to stay warm, what are you waiting for. Order up a maradyne cab heater! They are ON SALE NOW!



FFC Snow Blowers - For 1 Week Only (October 13th to October 20th) Use the Coupon Code: FFCSNOWB5 and save 5% on any FFC Snow Blower listed on our site.

Watch this video on electronic adapters and controller for Snow Blower systems and Bobcat Machines.


You may need a plow instead? Or Both? Try the HDS Skid Steer Snow Plow from Berlon


NEW 2015/2016 - HD Snow Pusher from Eterra Attachments - Preorder between now and November 1st and SAVE 10%. Call one of our experts at 866-966-2538 for pricing, ordering and more details!

Quality USA Made Snow Buckets 


Give us a call if you are need of one of these snow removal attachments or something else, we'd be glad to help! 

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