Four Attachments for Moving Wood in the Winter

Four Attachments for Moving Wood in the Winter

Posted by Jorden on 24th Dec 2015

Four Skid Steer Attachments To Get Your Farm Ready for the Cold

The skid steer attachments that cut, haul and split wood during the summer can also help you get ready for the winter and then some. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is add extra work for yourself or your people in the winter when you can do it during the more manageable temps and save yourself some headache and cold hands.

Although a lot of skid steer attachments give you the luxury of staying in your loader and letting it do the work, there are some instances where you have to get out in the elements and do some manual work. These three skid steer attachments can minimize that for you. They are the Tele-saw, Tree Shark, Hydraclip Tree Shear, the Eterra Log or Brush Grapple and the Log Splitter. Any one of these skid steer attachments are great tools to help you stock up on the wood you need for winter, even if you are just starting!

The first things you need to do are finding some timber and chop it down with the Tele-saw. The Tele-saw is not just for cutting trees down. These skid steer attachments can operate horizontal or vertically. It’s 21-inch bar and chain can turn 360 degrees and reach high for the limbs and brush that is overgrown and needs to be chopped down. Learn More!

Another great cutting tool is the the Tree Shark. This is an attachment tool that is newer to the market than most but with it's Rotational ability, 24" take down capability and 6 foot reach, it can do almost anything that the Tele-saw can at a lesser distance. You may find some other off-brand versions out there, but trust no other than the Land Shark from Sydney Attachments. The Tree Shark tree and brush cutting attachment means serious business. Learn More!

The log grapple is another skid steer attachment and most celebrated tools in the grapple family. This skid steer attachment from BSG Attachments is great, and we are welcoming it to the attachment market with open arms. This little beast has an extended arm, 360 degree rotator rated to haul up to 8,800 pounds of timber and a grapple capable of expanding 62". You can imagine how useful this would be to you and your day’s work, as opposed to hauling them by hand. Learn More! 

For more multipurpose grapple attachments for Skid Steer Loaders, you'd want to try the Brush or Tine Grapples from companies like FFC, Bradco, Haugen or Eterra. Learn More!

We all wish the job could be done after the tree falls, but no such luck. That is where the 20-ton log splitter comes into play. This skid steer attachment can help get it ready for a stove or a fireplace in no time. It doesn’t grab, pull or lift, but it sure can push and it comes at an affordable price! For our latest offering, we have a little more heavy duty Log Splitter in store, Learn More!

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