American Made


High quality equipment comes from all over the world, but nothing says "built to last" like American Made. These Skid Steer and excavator attachments are all made with quality materials right here in the US. There is never a bad time to support domestic products, companies, and people! 



Eterra Attachments got started in a garage in Bellingham, Washington, in 1994. Their first products were designed to carry out their own jobs, and they have never let their standards for quality waver in search of higher profits. Made with 100% USA material and labor, Eterra Flail Mowers and Rotary Mowers are some of our highest customer rated attachments (4.9/5 stars on 31 reviews). 


 Sidewinder 36" Specifications EX-30 Micro Specifications EX-30 Specifications  EX-40 Specifications EX-50 Specifications
  • Flow Range: 5-22 GPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 4"
  • Cutter Style: 1 lb. Y-Knife Blades
  • Flow Range: 5-15 GPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 4"
  • Cutter Style: 1 lb. Y-Knife Blades
  • Flow Range: 8-28 GPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 6"
  • Cutter Style: 2 lb. Y-Knife Blades
  • Flow Range: 12-50 GPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 6"
  • Cutter Style: 2.25 lb. Y-Knife Blades
  • Flow Range: 12-50 GPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 6"
  • Cutter Style: 2.25 lb. Y-Knife Blades



Peach farmer Fred Brenda took his career and his family in a new direction when he sold the farm following a series of bad crops in the late 1960s and opened Valley Tool Manufacturing Company. Valley Tool acquired Vrisimo and its line of mowers in the 1980s, and with the company came a loyal customer base throughout the western United States. While supporting those farmers and ranchers with ongoing product enhancements, the company recognized related needs in other industries, and the RockHound and BrushHound brands were born. A lot has changed in 50 years, but one thing remains the same: Valley Tool’s commitment to delivering innovative, purpose-built products that help customers get the job done right.


Virnig Manufacturing was established in a two-car garage, near Pierz, MN, in 1989 by Dean and Lois Virnig. The Virnigs first business was repair work for local farmers and construction companies, but within five years they moved from their makeshift shop into a larger building and began manufacturing skid steer attachments. High product demand and limited space warranted additions in 1994, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2010, and they now operate a 28,000 sq ft facility. Although the company has grown substantially over the last 30 years, the mission of providing a high-quality, durable product has and will continue to be the same.


A family-owed and operated company, M&M Attachments makes all of their Skid Steer Attachments proudly in the USA. Growing out of a home workshop, M&M has expanded and perfected their manufacturing process, creating premium Skid Steer Tree Shears, as well as Skid Steer Grapples and Log Splitters. M&M seeks to increase the work efficiency and productivity of all their customers, designing and manufacturing attachments that are durable and high performing


TM Manufacturing specializes in skid steer log splitters. They are designed for professionals who need an attachment to last thousands of hours and split a variety of hard and soft woods. This is another attachment that has received only high praise from our customers, and we encourage you to read the reviews of their products listed below.



In 1988 EZ Grout founder and CEO Damian Lang sought to help contractors increase efficiency and profitability with American made products designed from hands-on experience. The EZ Grout Hog Crusher is an innovative skid steer attachment designed to break down brick, block, stone, asphalt and non-reinforced concrete, in order to limit waste and material contractors have to haul away.



Located in Eureka, IL, DoMor has manufactured high quality ground breaking solutions for over 40 years. All of their attachments are made in the U.S.A. providing you with peace of mind knowing your attachment is made with quality you can trust. Domor is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality road building and maintaining equipment, and from the materials to the pride of their employees; it is easy to see the "Domor Difference". Do more with Domor!


Founded in Denton, North Carolina in 2003, Construction Implements Depot (CID) has grown to be a trusted manufacturer for many attachment brands here in the USA. Their mission is to "provide high quality attachments at competitive prices to operators". You can now purchase these attachments straight from the manufacturer through our online website. 



Vacuworx has been designing and perfecting heavy-duty lifting equipment for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers since 1999. Vacuworx are the leading pioneers in utilizing vacuum lifting for compact equipment, constantly investing in new ideas and technologies to offer the safest, most reliable and most effective material lifting attachments available. They take great pride in manufacturing all their attachments right here in the USA. 



Berlon is an American manufacturer that produces a variety of skid steer attachments using all American manufacturing and labor. Berlon's mission is to provide durable, high quality buckets and attachments for skid steers, tractor loaders and compact tractors. They achieve that by partnering with dealers, online retailers, and the end-user to determine the best work-tool solution to get the job done, and back it up with customer service and support. 


Created to build heavy-duty attachments, Sidney Attachments has lot clearing in mind. Tree shears, grapples, post pullers, and their tree saws are all made of quality material. They started in Sidney, IA, which gave them the name. The attachments are currently built in Lenexa, KS, right in the heartland of America. Made of strong and tensile steel, their attachments will handle rugged and overgrown terrain, such as trees and weeds. These attachments are built to get your tough jobs done. 


Star Industries attachments are used by the biggest names in the construction industry and are proudly made right here in the U.S.A. They focus on building attachments that are helpful not only for specific use cases, but across a variety of tasks. Their attachments include grapples, buckets, and the unique Versa Rake. 


Browse American Made Attachments Below

American Made

  • Track Bar Systems Track Repair and Replacement Tool

    Track Bar Systems

    Track Repair And Replacement Tool | Track Bar Systems

  • Eterra EX-30 Brush Mower Attachment for Excavator

    Eterra Attachments

    EX-30 Excavator Brush Mower | Eterra

  • Eterra Raptor Boom Arm and Mowing System for Skid Steer Loaders

    Eterra Attachments

    Raptor Boom Mower and Side-Work Attachment System | Eterra

    $33,570.00 - $33,870.00
  • Eterra Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower 74"

    Eterra Attachments

    Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower | Eterra

    $15,495.00 - $16,995.00
  • CID Swing Boom Brush Cutter front left angle


    Skid Steer Swing Boom Brush Cutter Attachment | CID

    $9,285.00 - $9,811.00
  • Standard option for Skid Steer Concrete Bucket Attachment from CID.


    Skid Steer Concrete Bucket | CID

    $1,274.00 - $2,003.00
  • Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter Eterra Cyclone white background

    Eterra Attachments

    Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter | Eterra

  • Skid Steer Rock Auger Bit by Star Industries

    Star Industries

    Skid Steer Rock Auger Bits | Star Industries

    $2,393.00 - $7,603.00
  • Fence Hog Fence Installer Attachment for Skid Steer Loader

    EZ Grout

    Fence Hog Skid Steer Fence Installer | EZ Grout

    $8,150.00 - $9,195.00
  • Cyclone 48" Brush Cutter Head

    Eterra Attachments

    Cyclone 48" Rotary Brush Cutter Head | Eterra

  • CID X-Treme Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment


    Skid Steer X-Treme Brush Cutter Attachment | CID

    $6,101.00 - $8,313.00
  • Close up of the Star Industries Skid Steer Heavy Duty Shaft Extension for Auger Bits

    Star Industries

    Skid Steer Heavy Duty Auger Extension | Star Industries

    $590.00 - $1,510.00
  • Skid Steer T-Post Auger by Star Industries

    Star Industries

    Skid Steer T-Post Auger | Star Industries

  • Excavator FX26 mulcher with grapple.


    FX26 Defender Excavator Forestry Mulcher | Rockhound

  • CID Skid Steer Manual Rotating Tree Shear


    Skid Steer Rotating Tree Shear Attachment | CID

    $4,720.00 - $6,146.00
  • Swing big with your skid steer backhoe attachment and double your productivity!


    Skid Steer X-Treme Swing Arm Backhoe Attachment | CID

    $4,931.00 - $5,195.00
  • CID Skid Steer Ripper Attachment.


    Skid Steer X-Treme Duty Ripper Attachment | CID

    $1,350.00 - $2,073.00
  • Eterra EX-40 Brush Mower Attachment - Front

    Eterra Attachments

    EX-40 Excavator Brush Mower | Eterra

  • Isn't she beautiful? Don't be fooled, this is one of the most savage mini skid steer attachments out there...

    Eterra Attachments

    Sidewinder Mini Skid Steer Flail Mower | Eterra

  • Hog Crusher Skid Steer Concrete Crusher | EZ Grout

    EZ Grout

    Hog Crusher Skid Steer Concrete Crusher | EZ Grout

  • CID Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper Front Right Angle


    Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper Attachment | CID

    $2,765.00 - $3,367.00
  • Eterra EX-30 Micro Brush Mower Attachment - Front

    Eterra Attachments

    EX-30M Mini Excavator Brush Mower | Eterra

  • CID Skid Steer Tree Spade Back Side Angle


    Skid Steer Tree Spade | CID

    $913.00 - $1,010.00
  • Finally... A simple, hardworking, well made auger drive for a price that's reasonable for a regular operator.


    Heavy Duty Skid Steer Auger Attachment | CID