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Aggressor Earth Auger Bit | Pengo

Aggressor Earth Auger Bit | Pengo

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Pengo Aggressor Attachment

The Aggressor auger is a professional-grade auger bit designed for daily and constant drilling. The TriFlow® pilot bit provides unmatched auger stability, and the 40/50 auger teeth add the needed wear resistance required for professionals. The Aggressor can be converted from a dirt auger to a rock auger utilizing the patented and industry-first BoRH® system.

Why buy a Pengo Aggressor Earth Auger?

  • Superior strength is exuded by the shaft, flighting and hub of the auger. Pengo uses the strongest materials to assure the highest quality and longevity of the auger.
  • Unparalleled versatility - Compatible with 5 TriFlow™ Pilot Tooth/Bits each with distinct performance advantages. There's no dirt surface on earth an Aggressor tooth/bit can not penetrate.
  • The Right Tooth makes the difference - Heighten your capacity and performance by customizing your auger bits teeth to match the job.

Replacement and Upgrade Auger Teeth

Carbide Auger Teeth (Abrasive soil, gravel)

Hardface Auger Teeth (Hard dirt, silt, clay)

Standard Auger Replacement Teeth (General earth drilling conditions)

Replacement and Upgrade Pilot Bits

Carbide Triflow Pilot Bit (Sand, silt, clay)

Carbide Tipped Triflow Pilot Bit (Clay, gravel)

Hardface Triflow Pilot Bit (Dirt, sand, clay)

Hardface Carbide Triflow Pilot Bit (Clay, Gravel)

Standard Triflow Pilot Bit (Standard earth drilling)


Pengo Earth Auger Bit (1) / TriFlow Auger Teeth (2) Product Information:

Weight Range::
48 - 295 lbs
Diameter Range::
4 - 36"
Length Range::
49 - 51"
Hub Material::
Cast Alloy Steel
Flight Construction::
5/16" - Double Flight
Teeth Mounting::
3-Point Lock and Bolt Fasteners

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