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22" ECS Backhoe Bucket | Eterra

22" ECS Backhoe Bucket | Eterra

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125.00 LBS

Eterra Backhoe ECS 22" Digging Bucket

The Eterra 22" Backhoe Bucket ECS is designed for our Eterra E40, E60, and E70 Backhoes. The high quality steel and workmanship make this affordably priced backhoe bucket a great asset for your skid steer. If you are looking for a bucket that does not have the finger pinching pains of the past, then you are looking for the ECS series of buckets that attach and reattach in seconds. Eterra's quick-change bucket system has been implemented into their entire line of E-Series backhoes and will revolutionize the way you utilize your skid steer.

With a bucket width of 22 inches, a depth of 11.5 inches and three teeth to tear through the tough surface, there is no stopping its effectiveness. They are designed to achieve maximum performance in the most time efficient way possible.

The design of these buckets makes them an industry standard. From the black hammered finish to the removable cast uni-teeth that add raw power and functionality, they are the very best on the market today. They feature T1 lugging and T1 hardened side cutting edges that ensure they are going to be effective and last for many years to come.

These buckets are great tools for the job site and Eterra is proud to offer them. The design and manufacturing material alone is a legendary feat. Your backhoe operations now have the means to do more, and you can change out your buckets/accessories effortlessly.


  • Bucket Width: 22"
  • Bucket Depth: 11.5"
  • Teeth: 3 
  • Removable cast uni-teeth
  • T1 lugging and hardened side cutting edges
  • Eterra ECS system
  • Compatible with Eterra E40, E60 and E70 Backhoes
These are made for the Eterra ECS series of backhoe attachments. We realize that it looks close to a coupler mount but we cannot guarantee it will fit. We have had customers pick them up regardless and do custom manufacturing but that will void all warranties. 
Heaped Capacity:
3.6 Cu. Ft.
Digging Teeth:
Removable Teeth:
Lugging Material:
T1 Hardened Steel
Edge Material:
T1 Hardened Steel
Black Hammered Finish Powder Coat
steel surcharge:

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    In this video, Rob goes over the entire line of buckets and accessories available to users of the Eterra Backhoe System, as well as Eterra's revolutionary ECS Quick Exchange Coupler System. Each one of these tools, including the ECS system, are operational on any of the Eterra Backhoe Attachments: The E60 and E70 for Skid Steer Loaders, as well as the E40 for Mini Skid Steer Loaders. Check out the video and see first-hand the versatility and ease of use an Eterra Backhoe Attachment can offer. Watch the ECS System in action and see for yourself how fast and effectively you can change out buckets and implements. Shop the E60 and E70 Backhoe Attachments here: Shop the E40 for Mini Skid Steers here:
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