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XBoom Excavator Skid Steer Coupler Adapter | Amulet

XBoom Excavator Skid Steer Coupler Adapter | Amulet

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XBoom Excavator Skid Steer Adapter Coupler by Amulet

What does it do?

Quickly switch between excavator and skid steer or mini skid steer attachments on your mini excavator with this revolutionary attachment system! This allows you to get more out of the machines and attachments you already have. Use skid steer buckets, pallet forks, mowers etc on your excavator. The only limitation is making sure not to tip your machine with too much weight. 

How does it work? - Watch the video. 

The Amulet XBoom Excavator Coupler System is comprised of three interacting components that allow you to convert a mini excavator into a rigid boom skid steer attachment carrier. The first component is installed at the end of the boom and dipper stick, where the excavator arm would normally attach. This specialized mount quickly attaches using pins to either the XBoom skid steer (or mini skid steer) mount, or the 3rd component that attaches to the excavator arm where it connects to the boom, making switching between the arm and the skid steer mount extremely quick.  With this rigid boom machine set up the excavator can run virtually any skid steer attachment. Check out the Product Video's tab for a video that shows this process, as it's a bit tough to visualize. 

While the skid steer mount is in place, the overall footprint of the machine is smaller (because the excavator arm is removed) and the center of gravity is closer to the machine for improved lift and carrying capacity. You also lose none of the range of motion that your excavator provides.

Find out what it's like to run standard skid steer, bobcat, mini universal (Ditchwitch, Vermeer, Dingo etc.) or other attachments you may own, on your mini ex. The possibilities go on and on.

Add on the QC Mate Quick Coupler Hand Clamp to make connecting your hydraulic quick couplers a breeze. As you switch back and forth between skid steer attachments and your excavator boom, pressure can build up in the hydraulic lines, making it nearly impossible to connect your quick couplers. QC Mate solves that problem. 

Select Product Options Above:

  • XB-15: compatible with MI-15 (mini walk behind adapter)
  • XB-25: compatible with the MI-15 (mini walk behind adapter) and MU-25 (mini universal adapter)
  • XB-30: compatible with MU-30 (mini universal adapter)
  • XB-35: compatible with MU-35 (mini universal adapter) or SU-35 (standard universal adapter)
  • XB-45: compatible with SU-45 (standard universal adapter)
  • XB-50: compatible with SU-50 (standard universal adapter)
  • XB-55: compatible with SU-55 (standard universal adapter)
  • XB-60: compatible with SU-60 (standard universal adapter)
  • QC Mate Quick Coupler Hand Clamp option


  • Operates on excavators 2 to 6 tons
  • Choose Mini Universal, MT, and/or Standard Universal (Product Options Above)
  • Work in confined areas with minimal undercarriage adjustment
  • Ability to load, travel, and unload anywhere without having to turn aggressively 
  • Utilize almost any available universal skid steer loader attachment  
  • Precise, smooth, and safe motions
  • QC Mate Quick Coupler Hand Clamp option




Rec. Machine Size:
2 ton - 6 ton
Skid Steer Mount Options:
Mini Universal, Mini MT, or standard Universal
Mini Walk Behind Adapter Compatible Attachments:
Dingo, Boxer, Ditch-Witch, Vermeer
Mini Walk Behind Adapter Width:
Mini Universal Adapter Compatible Attachments:
463, S70, MT50, MT52, MT55, and MT85
Mini Universal Adapter Width:
Standard Universal Adapter Compatibility:
With all standard full size universal skid steer attachments
Standard Universal Adapter Width:

Product Videos

An eXcavator can be a Track Loader? Even Better! with the XBoom Coupler® by AMULET 02:38
  • An eXcavator can be a Track Loader? Even Better! with the XBoom Coupler® by AMULET
    With the XBoom Coupler System you can now turn any mini or compact excavator into a “Rigid Boom, FULL REVOLVING, Tool Carrier" that can effectively use Universal Skid Steer Loader Attachments! The XBoom Coupler System makes switching your machine back and forth SO EASY!…This simple video shows you all you need to know…With the XBoom Coupler System, you do not lose ANY excavator functions, but gain the ability to turn your machine into an entirely new type of machine… It really is something!... Why wouldn’t you want to use your machine like this? Just go to: for all the product details and contact info! Interested? Please view:

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