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Will it Fit My Skid Steer?

Will it Fit My Skid Steer?

Learn about the universal quick attach, hydraulic couplers, and auxiliary hydraulics of your skid steer loader

Hydraulic Couplers

Learn more about Hydraulic Couplers for your Skid Steer Loader

Hydraulic couplers: What are they and what do I need to know?

Couplers are used on the end of the hoses of any powered attachment and couple to your machines hydraulics. The idea is to have a coupler that is fast, easy, and does not leak even though you tend to abuse them.


Flat face couplers are the standard couplers that almost all skid steers and mini excavators come equipped with these days. The male and female are both flat on the end and simply push together to form the connection. The common style is a Parker FE style. Case has used a Parker FF style in the past, and even though they look similar, they will not fit.

On most machines made prior to 1996, Pioneer style couplers are used. Pioneer couplers have also been used on older tractor equipment. If you're comparing Pioneer couplers to the newer style of flat-faced couplers, it's easy to distinguish between the two.

Pioneer Coupler Details

  • The male end has a nipple protruding out of the end.
  • The female end has a hole that has a ring of ball bearings around it.

There are of course exceptions. For example, Thomas used the pioneer style until 2004. And Case has been known to do things differently. When it comes to off-shore brands: who knows?

At Skid Steer Solutions, we do sell adapters, so if you do have flat-faced couplers and an older attachment, we have a solution so you can get to work. 


When we and most other experts in the industry talk about size, we are referring to the port size, also known as the size of the “Body” of the coupler. This is not the measurement across the entire face, but of the port the oil goes through.

The most common size on regular flow machines is 1/2" body. For High Flow machines most manufacturers also have a second set of 3/4” body couplers. There are exceptions though, Bobcat for instance uses 1/2” couplers for both standard and high flow machines.

To help determine the size of coupler you have, you can use our handy measuring guide below. Be aware that these are fairly precise measurements so using just a tape measure is not always accurate enough.

In very rare cases, some manufacturers have equipped their machines with 5/8” couplers. We recommend that you change these out to one of the more common sizes, or else you will be specialty ordering couplers for every attachment you buy.


Case drains are required on some attachments to relieve excess oil pressure from the motor seals. On these attachments there is a third hose with another smaller 3/8” body coupler.

Typically Skid Steers and Excavators are equipped with a Male 3/8” Body coupler as the case drain coupler. In this case, when you are buying an attachment, you will select the Female 3/8” Body coupler to go onto the attachment.

If your machine is equipped with a Female 3/8” body coupler instead, then you will need to specify a Male 3/8” body coupler when purchasing these attachments.


Skid Steer Solutions can supply all of these couplers except the Parker FF style couplers, which are exceptions to the rule.

Visit our Hydraulic Couplers page for detailed pictures and descriptions of each type of coupler or if you'd like to purchase. We ship fast because we have them IN-STOCK.


Use this sheet to measure the existing couplers on your machine to determine what size is needed on the attachments you are purchasing.

Keep in mind that these are precise measurements, and that a tape measure is not always accurate enough. We suggest using calipers if you can.

Hydraulic Coupler Size Identification Guide

 How do my Auxiliary Hydraulics work?

This is by far one of the most common question we are asked here. For a more in-depth explanation of how your skid steer loaders auxiliary hydraulics work, and to learn some tips on how to keep them out of harms way, please refer to the two videos below. Once you've checked out the videos and have become an auxiliary hydraulic expert, then continue reading additional information below to help you understand the important aspects about buying and installing your skid steer attachments.

Dimension Diagrams - Universal, Mini Universal, Bobcat MT, ASV Mini

Dimensions for Skid Steer and Mini Skid Steer Universal Quick Attach Plate
Dimensions for Bobcat MT and Mini ASV Quick Attach Plate


The origin of the Universal Quick Tach lies with the Bobcat. Bobcat Company (not affiliated with Skid Steer Solutions) created an easy method to connect and disconnect attachments easily. This method was copied by other manufacturers, but not fully because Bobcat held a patent.

Because of this patent, all companies created their own connection methods so attachments made for one manufacturer would not fit others. This has been a shortcoming in the industry because if you changed machines, you would have to adapt your machine to all of your attachments. After the patent expired in 1994, most of the manufacturers got together and started making the Bobcat style Quick Tach available on their machines.

This spawned many new attachment businesses such as Skid Steer Solutions.

Why? Because we could now sell our attachments to more than one manufacturers' customers.

When looking at the quick tach, machines may appear different, but the dimensions should be about the same.

Shown above is a 2005 Bobcat Quick Tach (for your learning purposes). Your Quick Tach should be similar in design. Your pins may extrude out the bottom at different points and our attachments seen on our site allow for that.

Check the pin out slot measurements and compare them to yours if you are not sure. If your machine is older and doesn't use a modern quick attach, your going to want to make a universal quick attach replacement product your next purchase.

Let's Discuss the Fitment

The general width of a modern quick tach measures 44" from the outside to outside. There should be two levers that each push one pin down out of the bottom of the Quick Tach (total = 2 pins). The pins measure 32" on center.

These pins line up with slots in the attachment. When the top of the Quick Tach engages with the lip on the top of the attachment and the pins are slid down into place, you will have a positive connection.

The Exceptions

Case made 3 models that we know of. The Case model 1838, 1840 and early 1845's had a quick tach that was narrower. This quick tach measured 36 1/2" wide and the pins were 21" on center. Most of our plates will accommodate this style of quick tach. Please contact us to be sure if you own one of these models.

There are many varieties on older non Bobcat brands. In this case you should talk to your dealer to see if your manufacturer makes an updated plate or adaptor that you can use so that you may run modern Quick Tach style attachments. This will save you time, money, and frustration throughout the life of your machine, so we suggest you do this immediately.

When in doubt, we do recommend you check with us to ensure your machine's hydraulics will run the specific attachment you're shopping for - many older machines have a lower flow than most modern machines. 

Here is a partial list of the machines our products will fit 

Refer to the list below for a partial list of machines that are compatible with the vast majority of our attachments. If you have an older machine, or have a specific question, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our attachment experts. Our staff know everything there is to know about hydraulics, couplers, the quick attach, and everything else regarding the prime loader and attachment connection.Contact us if you are unsure about your model.

  • RC-50/60/70/80/100. PT-100
  • PT-80
  • PT-70
  • PT-60
  • PT-50 (PT-30 is not universal, but an adaptor may be purchased from ASV to make it Universal. 2810
  • 4810
  • MD-70
  • HD-4500
  • HD-4520
  • RC-50
  • RC-60
  • RC-85
  • RC-100
  • 500-800 Series
  • 963
  • 1600
  • 2000
  • 2400MT
  • S150
  • S160
  • S175
  • S185
  • S205
  • S220
  • S250
  • S300
  • T200
  • T250
  • T300
  • A300
  • S330
  • T140
  • T180
  • T190
  • T250
  • T300
  • Toolcat 5600T (Verify with us prior to purchase as some items do not work well with a Toolcat)
  • Bobcat M Series including S630
  • S650
  • S750
  • A770
  • S770
  • S850
  • T630
  • T650
  • T750
  • T770
  • T870 - Copied from Skid Steer Solutions
  • 1835C
  • 1838
  • 1840
  • 1845C
  • 40XT - 95XT
  • 410
  • 420
  • 430
  • 440
  • 435
  • 445
  • 450
  • 460
  • SR130
  • SR150
  • SR15
  • SV185
  • SR200
  • SR220
  • SR250
  • SV250
  • SV300
  • 216
  • 226
  • 228
  • 232
  • 236
  • 242
  • 246
  • 248
  • 252
  • 262
  • 247
  • 257
  • 262
  • 272
  • 247
  • 257
  • 277
  • 287
  • 297601
  • 801
  • 1760
  • 2060
  • 430
  • 440
  • 450
  • 460
  • 4240
  • 5635
  • 6635 Universal Hitch
  • 4640
  • 4840
  • 5640
  • 7810
  • 3635
  • 6640
  • 393
  • V270
  • V300
  • V400 - 4625's if equipped with Universal Quick Attach.
  • 1300
  • 1700D
  • 2250
  • 2550
  • 2650
  • 165
  • 185
  • 160
  • 170
  • 190
  • 1110
  • 4475
  • 5575
  • 6675
  • 7775
  • 8875
  • 240
  • 250
  • 260
  • 270
  • 317
  • 320
  • 325
  • 328
  • 332
  • SVL75
  • SVL90
  • 2012
  • 2022
  • 2026
  • 2032
  • 2041
  • 2044
  • 2054
  • 2064
  • 2074
  • 2099
  • 2109
  • 2066
  • 2076
  • 2086
  • 2700
  • 3300
  • 4000
  • L464
  • L485
  • L565
  • L865
  • LX465
  • LX485
  • LX565
  • LX665
  • LX865
  • LX885
  • LX945
  • LS 140
  • LS 150
  • LS160
  • LS170
  • LS180
  • LS190
  • 12LA
  • TC23DA
  • TC26DA
  • 14LA
  • TC29DA
  • TC33DA
  • 15LA
  • 16LA
  • TC35A
  • TC35DA
  • TC40A
  • TC40DA
  • TC45A
  • TC45DA
  • 17LA
  • TL130
  • TL140
  • TL150 - Longer hoses are required for most machines because of the added boom length.
  • TSR50
  • TSR60
  • TSR70
  • TSR80
  • TSV50
  • TSV60
  • TSV70
  • TSV80
  • TSV90
  • 137
  • 153
  • 175
  • 205
  • 250
  • 255
  • 320
  • 135
  • 225
  • 245
  • 1000HD
  • 1300HD
  • 1700HD
  • 1300C
  • 1900CX
  • 1500C
  • 1700C
  • 1700CX
  • MC60
  • MC70
  • MC80
  • MC90
  • MC110
  • S165
  • S190
  • S220
  • S270
So to answer the questions, "Will it fit my machine?"
A: Yes, as long as your applicable hydraulic flow matches the requirements of the attachment and if your Skid Steer has a modern universal quick attach. For mini skid steers. skid steers and excavators, we have many adapters to accomodate.

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