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Telehandler Industrial Smart Hook Ready Swivel Hook Attachment | Haugen

Telehandler Industrial Smart Hook Ready Swivel Hook Attachment | Haugen

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215.00 LBS
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Telehandler Industrial Swivel Hook Attachment | Smart Hook Ready

The Industrial Swivel Hook Attachment is a heavy duty telehandler swivel hook with the ability to stand on its own in order to keep the hook elevated from the ground and provide easy access to the fork slots. This safe and effective piece of equipment is also compatible with Haugen's Smart Hook, allowing you to weigh your load wirelessly and with incredible accuracy.

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  • Select Optional Smart Hook and Load Shackles (Compatible with 14,000 lb. Model Only)

The Industrial Swivel Hook Attachment is available in two different load capacity options. These two capacity options include the frame and hook only, no smart hook load cell. Upgrade your 14,000 LBS swivel hook with the Smart Hook and Load Shackles to wirelessly weigh your loads with incredible accuracy. The Smart Hook is only compatible with the 14,000 lbs. load capacity option.


  • Fits easily onto any forklift or telehandler fork tines
  • Hook is centered at 24" 
  • Fork Pocket size is standard at 3.5" x7.5"
  • Adjustable feet keep hook elevated from ground

Smart Hook and Load Shackle Features

The Smart Hook features patent pending technology that sends a wireless signal to a hand held monitor. This gives the operator the weight of each load. Helps operators and crews plan proper loads and avoid unsafe conditions and liability.

  • Compatible with 14,000 lb. Swivel Hook Model
  • Monitor can be read in LBS. or Tonnes
  • Monitor can be used up to 2300 feet away
  • Load Shackle can take up to a 14,000 lbs. capacity
  • Load Shackle is extremely accurate
  • Load Shackle battery life is 1200 hours of continuous usage
  • Monitor battery life is 60 hours of continuous usage
  • Displays weight of live load in large numbers
  • Display updates every 3 seconds
10,000 lbs. Swivel Hook Weight:
215 lbs.
14,000 lbs. Swivel Hook Weight:
225 lbs.
Smart Hook Weight:
20 lbs.
Smart Hook Wireless Monitor Range:
2300 ft.
Smart Hook Monitor Battery Life:
60 hours continuous usage
Smart Hook Load Shackle Battery Life:
1200 hours continuous usage

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