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Skid Steer X-Treme Rotary Tiller Attachment | CID

Skid Steer X-Treme Rotary Tiller Attachment | CID

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780.00 LBS
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CID Skid Steer X-Treme Rotary Tiller Attachment


The Rotary Tiller Attachment from CID is a high quality piece of machinery. It is protected against the dirty ground contact applications that it is used for, meaning it will perform well for a long time. You're familiar with the applications, tilling gardens and fields, mixing additional material in, and making tough or neglected earth into nice usable soil again. 

This tiller has bi-directional rotation and extremely durable tines that reach 6" deep, making it an extremely effective attachment for any tilling application. Available in low (14-20 GPM) and high flow (20-40 GPM) models and runs on machines to fit nearly any skid steer, and comes in two width options, with a standard mounting plate included with purchase. CID uses Parker motors with internal relief valve for ensured quality. The Bolt-On tines are super quick and easy to replace (we can get them for you) if you're working in especially rocky earth. 


  • Bolt on replaceable tines
  • 1/4” plate, rolled housing. 3/8” sides with 3/8” thick shoes
  • Low Flow 14-20 gpm. Single parker motor with internal relief valve
  • High Flow 20-40 gpm. Dual parker motors with internal relief valves and ¾” machine hose
  • Low Flow size: 72″
  • High Flow Sizes: 72″, 84″
  • Powder coated
  • American made

What's Included?

  • Skid Steer X-Treme Rotary Tiller
  • Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Owner's manual
Low Flow GPM:
High Flow GPM:
Low Flow Tilling Width:
High Flow Tilling Width:
72", 84"
High Flow Overall Width:
Tilling Depth:
72" Model Tine Count:
84" Model Tine Count:

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