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Skid Steer Utility Bucket Attachment | Haugen

Skid Steer Utility Bucket Attachment | Haugen

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750.00 LBS
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Skid Steer Dirt Bucket Attachment 

Haugen's Utility Buckets are low profile buckets that can be used for fertilizer, and much more on your skid steer loader. These buckets are built with square sides for maximum capacity, are available with bolt-on cutting edges, and have a low profile design for increased visibility. 

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  • Select Optional Bolt-On Edge

The Utility Bucket Attachment comes with an optional bolt-on cutting edge. Be sure that your bolt-on edge matches the model that you selected. 


  • Heavy Duty Series features a 1/4" bucket wrapper.
  • Standard Series features a 3/16" bucket wrapper.
  • 1/2" x 3" wear bars on the bottom of the bucket guarantees maximum strength.
  • 3/4" x 6" high carbon edge is made to utilize optional bolt-on edge.
  • Extra durable skid steer loader quick attach plate. 
  • Built-in step.
Bucket Height:
24 in.
Inside Depth:
36 in.
MUB 60 Capacity:
21.25 cu. ft.
MUB 66 Capacity:
23.75 cu. ft.
MUB 72 Capacity:
25.75 cu. ft.
MUB 78 Capacity:
28.00 cu. ft.
MUB 84 Capacity:
30.25 cu. ft.
MUB HD 78 Capacity:
28.00 cu. ft.
MUB HD 48 Capacity:
30.25 cu. ft.
MUB HD 90 Capacity:
32.50 cu. ft.
MUB HD 96 Capacity:
34.75 cu. ft.
MUB 60 Weight:
535 lbs.
MUB 66 Weight:
565 lbs.
MUB 72 Weight:
595 lbs.
MUB 78 Weight:
630 lbs.
MUB 84 Weight:
665 lbs.
MUB HD 78 Weight:
780 lbs.
MUB HD 84 Weight:
810 lbs.
MUB HD 90 Weight:
840 lbs.
MUB HD 96 Weight:
870 lbs.

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