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Skid Steer Tree Spade | Eterra

Skid Steer Tree Spade | Eterra

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Eterra Skid Steer Tree Spade

The Eterra Tree Spade for skid steers is ideal for pulling out trees, digging new holes for trees, transplanting trees, and much more! 

This is the largest and nicest spade of its kind. The overall width with backplate is 46". The actual spade width is 43". The depth is 44" and the height is 26". Material used is 3/8" T1 structural plate. This ensures that the spade will not bend when you are prying even the toughest roots. It also allows the spade to penetrate the ground easier by being thinner.  If you make the spade thicker, it is harder to push into the ground and weighs more, thus taking away some payload.

The backing mount is made from two plates to make it structurally sound in all conditions. Eterra has also designed the plates to wrap in two different directions so the slot opening where your pins slide in have two different angled surfaces to hold onto. When you are really working on a stump, you will thank Eterra because this spade will just not let go. 

The tip is flattened to allow you to cut. If it were pointed, the spade would slide from side to side when being pushed into the tap root. This way it will cut the root if desired so you can easily remove the tree. This is just another feature Eterra added because they actually their our own attachments.

This product has been produced for over 15 years without 1 warranty claim. Many people have purchased this item to also remove stumps.  Because of it's superior materials, Eterra has no problem with customers purchasing for this purpose. 

Other manufacturers cut an opening in the back for visibility.  Many customers did not like this, so Eterra made sure to make theirs closed so you can carry material with the bucket. When you clean out the hole for a tree to be planted in, it is nice to be able to move the material away with the spade.  Another nice feature from people that actually use their attachments.

Overall weight of this item is 325 lbs.


325 lbs.

Product Videos

How to Remove a Tree with an Eterra Tree Spade Skid Steer Attachment 05:17
  • How to Remove a Tree with an Eterra Tree Spade Skid Steer Attachment
    Skid Steer Solutions demonstrates the Eterra Tree Spade by moving a pine tree off of a septic field and to a new location on the property. Visit to learn more! Keep in mind that this video is for demonstration purposes only and the techniques used are not the only uses or ways to perform the task.

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