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Skid Steer Tree Spade | CID

Skid Steer Tree Spade | CID

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224.00 LBS
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CID Skid Steer Tree Spade Attachment


The Skid Steer Tree Spade is an essential tool in the landscaping and lawn care or nursery industry. It can easily dig out stumps, transplant trees or dig trenches on job and construction sites. This is a simple and inexpensive attachment that can save you time, money, and back problems!

CID's Tree Spade is made of 1/4" abrasion resistant AR400 steel, which is used by all high quality manufacturers in the industry. It won't bend or dent, and it's powder coated to protect the finish and keep you in business for years. The front edge is beveled to give a sharp penetrating edge for digging in tougher soils and slicing roots and other obstructions. This spade attachment is offered in 40” and 48” sizes, which is the length of the spade from back to front, as seen in the diagram photos.


  • Made with ¼” AR400 Material
  • Front Beveled Edge
  • Available sizes: 40”, 48”
  • Powder coated
  • American made

What's Included?

  • Skid Steer Tree Spade
  • Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate
  • Owner's manual
Spade Material:
1/4" AR400 Steel
Beveled front edge
40", 48"
224, 249

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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