Railroad Clearing with the Eterra Raptor Boom Mower Attachment and Bobcat Toolcat

Railroad Clearing with the Eterra Raptor Boom Mower Attachment and Bobcat Toolcat

Posted by Kyle Davis on 16th Aug 2017

At Skid Steer Solutions, we're serious about the "solutions" part of our name. We're always inspired by the many ways equipment operators come up with solutions to problems and the innovations they create to get work done. Most recently, we partnered with Eterra Attachments on a unique application of their Raptor Boom Mower Attachment. Eterra traveled to Stettler, a town in Alberta, Canada, to partner with Ultra-Traxx Inc., a company looking to more effectively cut and trim back brush from the sides of railways.

Ultra-Traxx relies on a Bobcat Toolcat with customized rail gear, allowing the Toolcat to stay secured to the railway while performing work. By outfitting their Toolcat with the Raptor Boom Arm and Sickle Mower Attachment, Ultra-Trax was able to take their railway brush clearing and trimming efforts to a whole new level. 

Be sure and check out the video above to see the full set-up in action. Needless to say the application was a smashing success, with the Raptor Boom Arm and Sickle Mower able to cut down a wide variety of rail-side brush and small trees while moving along the route at a crisp pace. 

By taking advantage of Eterra's industry-leading innovations and designs, Ultra-Traxx was able to increase their operational efficiency a great deal. No longer needing to rely on workers on the ground with chainsaws and weed-eaters, they could now utilize their employees strengths in other aspects of their business and complete more jobs faster, with less wear and tear on their crew and a massive decrease in waste. Increased efficiency, automated, reliable trimming, and increased safety for the working crew: A total positive improvement across the board.

After witnessing this mowing combination first-hand, it's same to say that the Raptor Boom Mowing system outperforms any other application when it comes to the unique and custom job requirements of a railway company such as Ultra-Traxx Inc. Mark this awesome application down as another successful and innovative solution!

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