Eterra Pallet Forks? Eterra Pallet Forks!

Eterra Pallet Forks? Eterra Pallet Forks!

Posted by Kyle Davis on 15th Mar 2015

Eterra Pallet Forks for Skid Steer Loaders

Hello Skid Steer Operators and welcome to Spring. At Skid Steer Solutions, we are always striving to be more than a simple online marketplace. We also want to be a resource for our customers and community and offer in-depth information about Skid Steer, Skid Steer Attachments, and all other areas that pertain to our industry. In addition to being a resource, we also work hard every day to offer the very best in customer service. This post will be about Pallet Forks for Skid Steer Loaders, but if you ever have a question about another skid steer attachment, a product on our website, or even just a general question about your machine, we're always happy to help. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships, regardless of if you decide to make a purchase from us or not, and that means being honest, truthful and forthright with our skid steer knowledge.

Eterra Pallet Fork Attachment

Let's discuss briefly the differences between a fork you will find on the cheapest bidder sites like eBay, and what Eterra Attachments has to offer you. We won't deny that there are fork systems of equal value and strength out there, and won't deter you from testing our various Skid Steer Pallet Forks. We can only speak for ourselves and from what we know, and we assure you of the great strength of Eterra forks and service to you will always be second to none.

Explaining the difference in Pallet Fork pricing

The difference begins at the price: Eterra's ability to produce in volume through factory organized facilities, and the shear scale of their production processes allows them to  produce thicker steel frames, thicker pallet tines that use stronger steel, and Eterra's distribution in bulk gives them a big cost advantage over everyone else. The smaller guys out there produce fewer at a time, raising costs, and in order to compete they must sacrifice on the quality of their product through the use of cheaper steel and labor costs wherever they can. 

That is the root cause of many distributors products being of lesser quality. Eterra doesn't supply forks like this. We also won't lie about the product we offer, telling you the entire system is rated for 6,600 pounds, when only the fork tines are. 

The True Measure of Pallet Fork Strength and Load Capacity

Yes, this happens. We constantly see fork systems advertising these over-zealous tensile strengths and lift/load capacities that are simply misleading. In cases like this, we advise you to question the distributor on the actual strength of the fork because often times the forks are rated for the capacity they advertise but the frame is not. Have a look at the Eterra system. Look at the flanges and gussets, the thickness of the steel and the frame and then compare it to the competition or models you can find on Ebay. If it doesn't compare by looking at it, we recommend eliminating the risk and forgoing the purchase.

Skid Steer Solutions guarantees the tensile strength and load capacity of our Fork Systems. We supply Eterra's 5500 pound and 4400 pound-rated fork systems. Look at the quality of material used in the photos and the finish, you can tell that these simply won't let you down. The same goes for our full catalog of Skid Steer Pallet Forks. We only stock and sell trusted, reputable attachments that are supplied by reliable and trustworthy names in the business. Names like Bradco, Blue Diamond, Virnig, Haugen, and more.

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Eterra Skid Steer Pallet Forks

Customer Testimonials for the Eterra Pallet Forks

As the supplier and seller of Eterra Pallet Forks, we're proud to report that of this writing, the forks have received 24 reviews, with each an every one of them a 5-star rating. This makes the Eterra Pallet Forks one of the most positively reviewed attachments in our catalog. To close us out, here are a few examples of what customers have had to say about these high-quality tools.

"You can tell when a manufacturer takes time to put together a tool and even though this is a basic fork lift unit it is designed well and assembled with accuracy. We needed a skid steer fork for our farm and something that will hold up as we have a few here that can tear up an anvil so looks like they will have go at this one - I just plan on parking my truck well out of the way. Something really appreciated was the way they kept me updated on shipping / handling process as this takes time but shows they do care - customer service for sure! Of course the really cool thing was they also sent a cap and farmers love caps. There was a small box with the pallet and my youngest son Aleksandr (6) was with me to pick up at freight terminal so he held the box as we loaded the pallet and before we left asked if he could see what was in the box.... "Best Day Ever!" was his words when he pulled out the cap and put in on. Thanks much for the great equipment but even more for the service... Best Ever!"

- Roger R.

The forks worked great for moving logs from where I fell them and for loading on a truck. Very fast delivery too. Thank you!

- Stacy Y.

The heavy duty 48" forks are quite a bit heavier duty than competing (and more expensive) forks. I recently ended up with a set of Stout 48" heavy duty forks that are constructed of lighter material - particularly the fork tines. The Eterra fork tines are 1/4" thicker.

The Eterra forks arrived quickly and are a terrific value. Very substantial.

- Dennis H.

As a Sewer & Water Main contractor in the Chicagoland area, heavy demands are placed of my equipment. When something goes down or something needs to be replaced, I need it fast and of course I'm always looking for the best price. I have never been let down by Steer Solutions Inc. Not only do their prices competitive but they're shipping is fast. I've been very happy with all my purchases from the Steer Solutions Inc. 

-Marc. M. 

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