Eterra Excavator Brush Mower Attachments | Product and Media Overview

Eterra Excavator Brush Mower Attachments | Product and Media Overview

Posted by Kyle Davis on 17th Jul 2017

Brush Mowers mounted on Excavators and Mini Excavators pose an interesting for designers and engineers. When mowing on such a large, powerful machine, operators are (understandably) going to demand an  Excavator Brush Mowing Attachment that can keep up. They’re also going to need a mower that is lightweight enough to avoid tipping, allowing for proper weight distribution and with a nimble enough design to reach tough areas. It’s all about mowing down everything that needs mowing, not just simple, flat-ground mowing in ideal conditions. Daily operators out on the job doing work every day know that idea conditions are never the norm. You need an  Excavator and Attachment combination that can handle whatever you throw at it.

Enter the  Eterra line of Excavator Bush Mowers. Rugged and heavy duty, while also providing lightweight versatility, these dynamic attachments combine the best of both worlds, resulting in a truly remarkable and hard-working mower. Available in both Rotary Mower models, as well as Flail Mower models, and in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking for an Excavator Mower you can rely on for elite performance, then Eterra has a size and a model to get the job done. The Eterra line of Excavator Mowers are made in the USA, so operators can get to work with the pride and security of knowing they’re in charge of a exceptionally engineered and reliable piece of equipment.

Excavator Flail Mower Attachments

The EX-30 Brush Mower is the ultimate example of Eterra’s commitment to quality and performance. Weighing in at 440 pounds, this mower reduces swing weight and can handle a wide variety of cutting conditions and operator demands. Side hills and uneven terrain are no problem for the EX-30, and with a cutting capacity of 5 inch material, you’ll be clearing roadsides, ditches, driveways, fields, and anything else that needs mowing with ease. With focused, slow and steady mowing, the EX-30 will even manage to clear up to 6 inch material, given proper operation and patience.

The compact design of the EX-30 makes it light in weight with increased mowing versatility, but this brush mower is still loaded with heavy duty features. Strong, durable welds combine with 6” DOM Tubing in the cutter shaft, making the cutting shafts in Eterra Excavator Mowers some of the strongest and most reliable available. In addition to the strength of these cutting shafts, they are electronically balanced to ensure maximum mowing economy. As a result of this keen attention to detail, Eterra Mowers do not shake side-to-side or up-and-down, lessening efficiency and potentially damaging the mower head while operating; they hum with concentrated power.

In conjunction with the EX-30, Eterra manufactures a full line of Excavator Flail Mower models, including the  EX-30MEX-40 and EX-50, ensuring there’s a size, weight, and cutting capacity available to fit your machine and mowing needs.

Excavator Rotary Mower Attachments

For operators looking for a Rotary Brush Cutter option, Eterra presents the Cyclone family of mowers. Select the 48 inch model (capacity: 6 inch material) or 60 inch model (capacity 10 inch material).

What sets these mowers apart is the Eterra Rotary Cutter System, which uses a direct drive spindle hub for maximum impact strength when clearing. The Cyclone drive system is also a highlight, featuring a heavy duty 8 pound blade with 1 inch thick T1 blade bar design, combined with a premium motor from Permco USA. This combination has been engineered for heavy use, while still maintaining balance and functionality. Not simply a cutting knife meant for grass, this is a serious chopping system than can handle a wide variety of material of various thickness and density.

This cutting strength, combined with the electronically balanced cutter bar, results in a reliable, completely optimized Rotary Mower that can handle even the toughest jobs with maximum efficiency and mowing power.

No matter your machine or mowing needs, there is an Eterra Excavator Mower for you. View the product demonstration videos above, browse product imagery and descriptions, and see for yourself the superior design and manufacturing Eterra offers to Excavator operators looking to clear serious brush in a serious manner.

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