Eterra 3-Point Adaptor: Skid Steer Spotlight

Eterra 3-Point Adaptor: Skid Steer Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Davis on 17th Jun 2014

3-Point Adaptor Skid Steer attachments are a wonderful accessory for a Skid Steer Loader. Anyone with a tractor and many implements to go along with it has probably hoped for a way to make those implements work with their Skid Steer Loader. A lot of us Skid Steer operators don't need to be paying for extra attachments when we have access to lots of tractor implements that could simply be adapted to a Skid Steer. Not to mention the fact that small and medium sized tractor implements are usually a lot cheaper than many comparable Skid Steer Attachments. Of course, some tractor implements may not be suited for the front-end loader and the pushing motions, but there are very few that the Skid Steer Loader can't utilize. Read on to learn more about these industry-favorite Skid Steer Adapters and to view helpful video and photo resources.

Skid Steer Solutions, in partnership with Eterra Attachments, was the first online retailer to offer these products. At the time (over 15 years ago), they were nothing new, and yet Skid Steer Solutions was the sole resource for 3-Point Adapters for Skid Steer Loaders. While there might be competing products in the marketplace today, we still take a great deal of pride in being the first, and we feel this gives us a substantial advantage when it comes to servicing customers. 

Being first means Eterra has the longest track record of providing reliable 3-Point Adapters to countless satisfied customers. Being first means Eterra has had the time to perfect their manufacturing techniques and optimize their adapters for both value and function. Knowledgeable product and parts support? We have the experience to set the standard. 

Skid Steer 3-Point Adapters

Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra innovated the 3-Point adaptor well over a decade ago. We offer the same tested and proven motorized models which has four available motor sizes (high flow included), as well as the Eterra Fixed Hitch 3-Point Adaptor system which is a more affordable option for those who won't be using motorized implements. 

The Eterra design has made sure that these adaptors account for safety, strength and longevity. 

Safety: Because pushing a working attachment on your skid steer loader means the attachment can come back at you if it is not secured by a spring-loaded locking mechanism. 

Strength: Because it was made with strong materials that feature the best possible design. That means the adjustable arm can use a Category 0, 1 or 2 agricultural attachment without a loss of power. This is part of the design and material used to make sure that all attachments work on your loader with no hassles. 

Longevity: The adjustable motor swivel makes sure that the PTO shaft isn’t kinked. A kinked PTO shaft means a loss of horsepower and with older models of skid steer loaders, there isn't a lot of horsepower to start with.

3-Point Adapters for Skid Steer Loaders

Available 3-Point Adapter Models and Motor Sizes

Eterra Motorized 3-Point Adapter

  • 10 - 17 GPM - 21 HP
  • 17 - 22 GPM - 27 HP
  • 21 - 25 GPM - 31 HP

Eterra Motorized 3-Point Adapter (High Flow)

  • 32 - 40 GPM - 55 HP

Eterra Quick Hitch Fixed 3-Point Adapter

Run Tractor Implements with your Skid Steer Loader

Thanks for reading up on our Eterra Skid Steer 3-Point Adaptor attachment line, if you have any questions about these products, comment below, send us an email, or give us a call to talk with a dedicated skid steer attachment expert.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated as of February 2018 with update video, photo and product information.

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