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Skid Steer Rod Bucket Attachment | Haugen

Skid Steer Rod Bucket Attachment | Haugen

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565.00 LBS
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Skid Steer Rod Bucket Attachment 

The Rod Bucket Attachment is the perfect tool for any job that requires sifting through dirt and digging up rocks with minimal labor and maximum efficiency. 

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  • Select bucket width and number of tines.
  • Mounts to Skid Steer using the Universal Quick Attach System.

Skid Steer Rod Bucket Attachment comes in three options with different quantities of tines and bucket widths to suit any job size and complexity.


  • Extra durable Haugen frame.
  • All tines are easily replaceable.
  • Tine rods are 7/8" in diameter.
  • Available sizes of 60", 68", and 76". 
  • Designed for use with skid steer loaders.
HRB 60 Bucket Width:
60.5 in.
HRB 68 Bucket Width:
68.5 in.
HRB 76 Bucket Width:
76.5 in.
Bucket Depth:
39 in.
Height of Bucket:
24 in.
HRB 60 Weight:
565 lbs.
HRB 68 Weight:
650 lbs.
HRB 76 Weight:
690 lbs.
Rod Size:
7/8 in.
Rod Spacing:
3 in.
HRB 60 Cast Shank Tooth w/Replacement Tip:
HRB 68 Cast Shank Tooth w/Replacement Tip:
HRB 76 Cast Shank Tooth w/Replacement Tip:

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