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Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment | Eterra | PD-750

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Eterra PD-750 Skid Steer Breaker Style Post Driver - Formerly the Eterra PD-550

The PD-750 uses a high impact 750 ft. lb. gas charged concrete breaker power cell with a specially adapted mount and cup. The power that the PD-750 puts to the post is phenomenal.  Based on the popular Arrowhead High Impact Breakers, the PD-750 harnesses this power to put posts where you need them FAST. This is a proven system with no rubber mounts, chains or motors to wear out and break. Our new universal cup system keeps you from having to buy several cups. All of the cup sizes you need are supplied with our unique uni-cup system. Utilizing your existing tilt cylinder, you can alter the fore and aft angle. Our design works like a dream. It should, it was designed by Skid Steer people for our customers.  

How Does It Work? 

Employing a nitrogen gas back head as the energy store, the piston is lifted directly into the gas using the hydraulic oil from the loader hydraulics. As the piston reaches the top of the stroke the hydraulic oil is permitted to exit the hammer allowing the nitrogen gas to decompress and driving the piston to the bottom of the stroke forcefully impacting the working tool.  When tested on our Bobcat A770, we could fit an 11 foot post into the drive unit.  This should work effectively for most of our customer's requirements.  The drive power is unheard of and the safety is a nice feature.  No external moving parts flying around while you use it.  Just a nitrogen charged internal drive head. These breaker style skid steer post drivers are simple and effective.

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Competition Update:  Many years ago we developed this product along with our partner supplier Arrowhead Rockdrill from Barstow, California.  Years later a rival started building a similar product and used a few of the Arrowhead power cells based upon our success.  They no longer use these power cells and have replaced them with a Chinese driver.  When you are comparing products, make sure it is an apples to apples comparison.  This driver is no where in the league of what we are supplying.  Firstly, look at the fit and finish, then the grade of the tooling and finally the parts availability.  Who will you turn to if you have any issues and need parts?  We ship these drivers worldwide and when customers need anything, they can find them locally at their Arrowhead dealer.  Finally look at the company.  Skid Steer Solutions has been in business for 20 years.  We are the innovator and we will always be around to support you with our incredible support and professional grade of products.



1230 lbs.
Impulse Force:
750 ft. lbs.
Driver Head:
Plate Length:
High Alloy Strength Steel
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
10-25 GPM
Recommended Machines:
Min. 1300 lb. Lift Capacity Loaders
Cup Sizes:
Up to 11"
Driver Height:
Skid Steer Main Pin Height Plus 4"
Charge Pressure:
290 psi

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