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Skid Steer Multi Purpose Angle Blade Attachment | CID

Skid Steer Multi Purpose Angle Blade Attachment | CID

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CID Skid Steer Multi Purpose Angle Blade Attachment

CID Skid Steer Multi Purpose Angle Blades are different from most. They are designed to become a snow plow and angle blade with ease. To use this as a snow plow, simply remove the center pin. This allows the blade to tip when hitting something. The powerful springs retract the blade into position as soon as the object is cleared.

To use as an angle blade, leave the center pin in, and you are ready to move loose gravel or soil. This is also known as a 4 way angle blade. It moves up and down from your skid steer, and side to side from the attachment.

Built tough with 1/2" x 6" Bolt On Cutting Edge, 3/16" Mold Board, and 3" bore 6" stroke hydraulic cylinders. 


  • Operates as a snow plow or angle blade
  • Constructed with ½” thick by 6” wide replaceable AR400 bolt on cutting edges
  • 3” bore 6” stroke cylinders
  • 3/16″ mold board
  • Available Sizes: 72”, 84”, 96”, 108″, 120″
Bolt On Cut Edge:
1/2" x 6" AR400
3" bore, 6" stroke
Mold Board thickness:

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