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Skid Steer Mix and Go Concrete Mixer Attachment | Eterra

Skid Steer Mix and Go Concrete Mixer Attachment | Eterra

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Eterra Mix and Go Skid Steer Mounted Concrete Mixer

The Mix and Go Concrete Mixer is a dynamic and intelligently designed product offering under the Eterra brand. It is a heavy duty skid steer mounted concrete mixer that allows you to scoop up the material, mix it on the go and then dispense the material in three different methods. A manual side chute allows the operator to quickly and efficiently dispense the concrete from the side of the attachment. It also has a hydraulically operated center chute with a dispenser hose that gives the operator even more flexibility to place the material anywhere. The center chute not only lets you dispense concrete but it also works as a sand bag filler. You can also just pour the finished batch out the front of the mixer in one big pour. 

Mix and Go Concrete Mixers use a heavy duty steel hopper and Hardox 400 steel mixing paddles, an simple and efficient chain drive system, and utilize a durable cutting edge for scooping material. A removable grade incorporates bag splitters to make loading the hopper that much more simple.

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  • 9 Cu. Ft. - 21 cu. ft. Mixer with plenty of room to transport with no spillage
  • 3 models available in 3 sizes to suit your needs
  • Galvanized side chute and top grate
  • Hydraulically operated center chute
  • Spring assisted side gate locks the gate in place and aids in the actuation
  • Sprocket and chain drive system is completely enclosed and sealed to keep it out of harms way
  • 5 foot flexible hose provided for easy pouring
  • 8 inch diameter for bottom chute 
  • Easy to lift grate makes it easy to clean
  • Integrated top bag cutter to make bag splitting easy
  • Hardox 400 steel paddle/auger style drive is suitable for concrete and grout
  • Precision laser cut parts, CNC forming and robotic welding creates a high quality finished product
  • Pad mounting holes for excavators to connect to so this becomes a dual purpose product with just a few turns of a wrench
  • Drive system is reversible so that you can mix and dispense using your hydraulics
  • Polyurethane seals with 90 shore hardness

Mixing Concrete 101:  We recommend using Redimix/Quikrete for the best results.

A typical mix is 1 part water, 2 parts cement and 3 parts sand/gravel by volume. A dry mix should be mixed first with the water added slowly. If a slump cone is available, adjust water to achieve a 2" - 3" (51 - 76mm) slump. The final water content should be approximately 6 - 9 pt (2.8 - 4.3L) of water per 80 lb (36.3 kg) bag of concrete. The easiest way for you to achieve the best results is to use bagged pre-mix in 80 lb. bags. Each bag provides .60 cu. ft. of finished concrete. This translates to 15 bags of mix per batch. The current price today per bag is about $4. For small batch on demand concrete, it does not get much better.  


The first time you create a batch it is advisable to use a 55 gallon barrel that is prefilled with water. Use a white 5 gallon pail and measure 4 gallons inside the pail and draw a line inside the bucket so you can scoop a predetermined amount each time you fill the bucket. The idea is to add enough water to the mix and keep track of how much water you have used so that each consecutive batch will be the same consistency. 

On-Site Mix

If you choose to mix the entire batch on your own, it is still advisable to buy your sand/gravel premixed to insure the quality you would expect for a professional batch. If you still would like to mix your own then scoop enough sand/gravel into your mixer to cover the paddles. Add 1.5 bags of Portland Cement per batch for 4000 psi concrete or 2 bags per batch for 5000 psi concrete. Once you have added water, the mixture will compress so you can add more sand/gravel mix to top off the batch. Once the batch is thoroughly mixed, it is safe to transport to the pour site.


Lots of water with some pea gravel added. Run the mixer for a few minutes and rinse any other spots that you see that have lingering traces of mix. A small spray bottle with diesel added will help to keep everything from rusting and sticking the next time you use your mixer.

Eterra products are supported by a full parts service, please click here to view parts and contact Skid Steer Solutions with any requests/questions.

Cement Mixer Specifications

Weight (250 - 450 - 600):
838 - 1009 - 1389 lbs.
Weight - SAE Loaded (250 - 450 - 600):
2161 - 3362 - 4564 lbs.
Flow Range:
11 - 22 GPM
Max Pressure:
2900 PSI
3/8" - 3500 PSI
Volume (250 - 450 - 600):
66 - 119 - 159 Gallons
Drive Base:
Chain and Sprocket Drive
Capacity (250 - 450 - 600):
9 Cu. Ft. - 16 Cu. Ft. - 21 Cu. Ft.
Width of Hopper (250 - 450 - 600):
58 - 64 - 75"
Paddle Material:
Seal Material:
Polyurethane 90 Shore Hardness

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Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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