Skid Steer Flamethrower

Eterra Skid Steer Flamethrower

True innovation cannot be copied or replicated. True innovation comes from the heart, and from a passion to create something original. This spirit of innovation is what drives us at Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra Attachments, and is embodied in the unique creation of the world’s first Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower. This one-off special project is a representation of our design and engineering capabilities and is not available for sale. Watch the video below, share with your friends, and follow along on social media to stay up-to-date with all things Skid Steer Flamethrower.

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Eterra Boom Arm


Boom Arm with Sickle Mower


Boom Arm Roadside Mowing



The Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower: Presented by Eterra Attachments and Skid Steer Solutions

The Flamethrower takes inspiration from the reach and versatility of the Eterra Boom-Arm. Another true original, over the last decade we’ve witnessed the Boom-Arm evolve from a rough prototype into a fully-featured commercial side-work mowing system, capable of operating a full arsenal of mower heads. Once the Boom-Arm System had been fully optimized, it became a natural question to wonder what type of head might come next. When someone volunteered the idea of a Flamethrower, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting the highest quality skid steer attachments and tools is what drives us. We’re in the equipment business because we love the machines, we love the attachments, and we love the challenge of providing solutions to customers with high standards who are looking to complete demanding jobs faster.

The challenge of innovating and manufacturing the world’s first Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower was large, complex and required the total commitment of all our years of experience. The result is something that could have only been created through the partnership of Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra Attachments. No one else has the knowledge, the passion, the expertise, or the creative spirit required to pull off something as incomprehensible as a Flamethrower mounted on a Skid Steer.

Eterra Boom Mower and Side-Work System


How it was Made - Full Video Coming Soon

The Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower underwent the exact same rigorous process that all Eterra Attachments are subjected to. After the initial inspiration, we got to work drawing and designing the attachment, our team of engineers and mechanics then got to work manufacturing and assembling the required components to make this Flamethrower truly perform. From there, the Flamethrower was constantly tested and adjusted to ensure proper operation and guaranteed safety for both the operator as well as any bystanders.


“The process of putting this all together has been a lot of fun. I would venture to say that it’s been pretty difficult. There’s been a lot of putting it together and taking it apart again, testing stuff and seeing what is and is not working. Then putting it together again.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never built a Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower before, so there was some learning along the way. We had to develop an ignition system in order to light the fuel that gets sprayed out of it. We had to put together a pressurized fuel system that could basically squirt the fuel enough distance safely without springing leaks. And then we had to put it all together into something that you could operate from inside the cab. So it’s been an adventure.” – Andy Neuman, Lead Engineer


The finished product is a perfect encapsulation of everything Eterra stands for. Superior design and manufacturing, with the attention-to-detail required to produce a skid steer attachment that truly stands apart. From the heavy-duty construction and welding, to the brushed metal finishes and crisp graphics, the Flamethrower is unmistakably an Eterra Attachments creation.

“We had to mechanically develop what size the Flamethrower was going to be, and what we could actually do. I have a really good designer that’s worked with us for a long, long time, and what I did was I took the base mechanical parts that I was going to need, like the internals, and I handed it to him and I said “hey, make an external cannon-looking, projectile, really boss looking item that we can fit all of this in to. And so he took it from there, designed the barrel, it’s all aluminum, polished – I think he did just a beautiful job. He put all that together and then we put all of our internal into that, and it’s all history.” - Rob Leib, President and Owner, Skid Steer Solutions, Inc.

A big part of what makes the Skid Steer Flamethrower possible is technology and collaboration with ThrowFlame Handheld Flamethrowers. Throwflame didn't invent flamethrowers, they just perfected them. And that's the same approach we took to innovating our Skid Steer version. You might not be able to purchase our Skid Steer model, but you can certainly purchase ThrowFlame's XL18 and XL15. Click the image below to learn more.

Throwflame Handheld Flamethrowers

Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower Photo Gallery

Why did we create the world’s first ever Skid Steer Mounted Flame Thrower? To answer a question with a question: why not? We love to push the limits of what is possible with these machines, and we knew a flamethrower combined with a skid steer would turn some heads. In order to best serve customers and showcase the products we sell online, we also invest heavily in the best photo and video content in the industry, so we knew our media team would be up to the task. Be sure to check out our social media channels to stay up-to-date on all things Flamethrower, as well as more traditional Skid Steer productions.

The Flamethrower in action can’t be done justice with only words. It has to be seen to be believed. We’ve done our best to document this creation with the videos included at the top of this page, and below, you’ll find a hand-selected collection of incredible photographs that showcases what this invention is capable of. We have also included some slick mobile and desktop wallpaper options. Simply click an image below to view the large version.

Eterra Attachments: Essential Equipment

The foundation of the Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower is Eterra's revolutionary Skid Steer Mounted Boom-Arm. The Boom-Arm is an industrial grade side-work system, designed to take skid steer mowing operations to the next level. With the Eterra Boom-Arm, machine operators are provided with reach of 10' 20' with full angle rotation of a wide range of mowing heads. This versatility and functionality are what sets Eterra apart from the rest. With these capabilities, mowing and clearing grass, brush, debris and small trees can be performed effectively in a wide range of angles and applications. The Boom-Arm excels at roadside mowing and ditch clearing, making it an essential tool for parks departments, road crews and municipalities.


There are five distinct and original mowing heads that can be coupled with the Eterra Boom-Arm. The Cyclone is a 48" Brush Cutter, a strong and durable rotary mowing head featuring two 9 pound forged blades, capable of clearing material up to 6". The Sidewinder is a 3' wide Flail Mower, with an open face and deep cutter design which is specifically adept at roadside mowing. Then there are three sizes of Sickle Mower heads, with options at 5', 7' and 9'. The Sickle Mowers offers the most reach of all mowing heads and are a great option for trimming hedges and brush along roadways, especially overhanging material that typical attachments can't even dream of accessing.

The whole operation is controlled by an innovative Super Controller design, courtesy of sister company Skid Steer Genius. The Genius controls are a dynamic option that provide operators with multi-functional use, all controlled by an intuitive and ergonomic joystick. The Super Controller is able to boost your machine controls up to an incredible 10 controls at a time, making it possible to utilize multiple hydraulics at once, and truly perform with peak efficiency with the Eterra Boom-Arm.


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