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Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper Attachment | CID

Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper Attachment | CID

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CID Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper Attachment 

The Skid Steer Box Scrape Ripper from CID is the perfect skid steer attachment for reconditioning gravel roads and driveways. The rippers dig into and loosen the gravel that is buried in the ground over time.  The cutting edges follow the rippers, smoothing out and leveling the gravel or other surface material, creating a perfectly resurfaced condition. 

This attachment will save you from having to refill driveways with gravel every time it starts to settle. You can drive the box scrape forward or backwards by simply remove the ripper tines and rotating them. The ripper tines are also adjustable, allowing you to change the depth at which they rip into the earth. The design on this attachment is simple but incredibly efficient and durable, and IT WORKS. Keep it simple, go with CID, and spend your extra money on something more exciting than a driveway fixing attachment.


  • Replaceable and reversible cutting edges
  • Replaceable ripper shanks
  • Adjustable ripper tines
  • Multiple Size Options (60", 72", 84", 96")

All CID Attachments come standard with powder coating to keep them looking as good as they operate. 

Width Options:
60", 72", 84", 96"

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