Hedge and Branch Trimming

Trim back trees, branches and hedges with these incredible sickle bar mowers and skid steer mowing attachments.

Skid Steers with side-reaching attachments is fast becoming a popular advantage to have, however it's not often clear what attachment is high quality or how they work. Eterra is the leader in Sickle bar hedge trimmers for Skid Steer and Track Loaders, Excavators and Mini Skid Steer Loaders. Introducing the Skid Steer Sickle in 2004 moved the industry forward to a whole new use for Skid Steers, road side clearing. With the introduction of the BM-10 or BM-20 mower, Skid Steer operators have even began reaching across the irrigation ditch. For more information on great sickle bar attachments used for industrial hedge trimming or specialty boom mowers for all machines, have a look at the products below or visit