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Skid Steer Angle Rotary Broom | Sweepster

Skid Steer Angle Rotary Broom | Sweepster

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982.00 LBS
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Sweepster Skid Steer Hydraulic Rotary Broom Attachment  

Sweepster Angle Brooms offer amazing build quality, and use top end hydraulics, brushes and drums so the broom will last. The tilt mechanism is manual to help keep the cost down and give you fewer parts that could fail, but the hydraulic angle system is an option. These brushes are large and heavy with our favorite configuration being the nylon/metal mix. It lets you really scrub hard surfaces without the fear of premature wearing of the brushes.  The broom will ship with your choice of 100% Poly Bristles or 50/50 Metallic/Poly bristle configuration.

The full floating hitch point is another great feature. This allows the broom to follow the contour of what you are sweeping. Ever been sweeping an area only to look back to see the broom came up for a second and left a ton of material behind you? Worry no more!

This Sweepster Rotary Broom requires your machines hydraulic flow capabilities to be in the range of 12-25 GPM with a pressure range of 2000-3500 PSI for optimal performance.

Select Product Options Above

  • Select Broom Width
  • Select Angle Broom Style
  • Select Bristle Option
  • Select Attachment Control Device (for Hydraulic Angle/Control)
  • Skid Steer Mount Included
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers Included

Sweepster Details and Specifications

Sweepster broom attachment information

915 lbs.
Working Width:
Overall Width:
Broom Diameter:
Flow Range:
12-25 GPM
Heaped Capacity:
Pressure Range:
2000-3500 PSI
Replaceable Cutting Edge:
100% Poly or 50/50 Poly/Metallic
Quick Change Core:
steel surcharge:

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