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Series II Skid Steer Mulcher Attachment | Bradco

Series II Skid Steer Mulcher Attachment | Bradco

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Bradco Series II Mulcher for Skid Steers

The amazing Bradco Series II Mulcher attachment is essential for heavy duty land clearing and maintenance, capable of taking on any job. Designed for rapid land clearing, pipe line maintenance, DOT road clearing, and more. These attachments are able to cut and mulch up to 8” standing hardwood trees.

With options for reversible carbide teeth or claw teeth that can be easily interchanged with no rotor rebalancing, and a synchronous belt drive system, staying up and running is a breeze.

Clear land like you have never thought possible with the Bradco Series II Mulcher Attachment!

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  • Available in 60” and 72” cutting widths.
  • Single side carbide teeth, reversible carbide teeth, or claw teeth options.
  • Synchronous belt drive system eliminates belt and belt drive sprocket slippage.
  • Heavy duty bent axis variable displacement piston motor offering fantastic performance.
  • Replaceable abrasion resistant AR400 wear plate on skid shoes.
  • Adjustable push bar.

Mulcher Specifications: 60" | 72"

  • Overall Width: 73" | 85"
  • Overal Height: 60.42"
  • Overall Length: 49.5"
  • Cutting Width: 60" | 72"
  • Operating Pressure (PSI): 3,000-4,000 | 3,500-4,000
  • Hydraulic Flow (GPM): 30-45
  • Recommended HP: 60-95 | 75-95
  • Number of Teeth: 44 | 54


  • 80" hoses QD, 3/8" case drain 
  • standard control kit 

Details and Information

 Bradco Mulcher Data 

Cutting Width:
Diameter Limit:
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

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  • Bradco Series II Mulchers
    Transform trees and vegetation into a fine chip layer with the Bradco Series II Mulchers by Paladin Attachments. They shred trees, brush and ground vegetation up to 8" in diameter and can be attached to excavator, skid steers and forestry tractors. Available in cutting widths of 36", 60" and 72", they feature a heavy-duty bent-axis variable displacement piston motor that offers better performance on demand, prevents stalling under heavy loads and provides a quicker recovery time.

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