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Preparator Auto Rake Attachment | FFC

Preparator Auto Rake Attachment | FFC

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1,500.00 LBS
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FFC Preparator Auto Rake Attachment 

Take your soil preparation and landscape raking to the next level, with this multi-functional and all-in-one skid steer attachment from FFC. The Preparator Auto Rake is ideal for site cleanup, soil preparation, debris removal, and rock removal. Unleash the Preparator on your next project and eliminate the need for additional machines, additional attachment, and additional man hours. Increase efficiency and complete more jobs with this durable and reliable attachment. Featuring bi-directional function, the Preparator also follows the contours of the ground for optimal performance.

Operating Attachment in Reverse

  • Site cleanup and soil preparation
  • Collect material of 3/4" to 6"
  • Internal spinning brush removes fine material
  • Perforated collection bucket leaves behind fine, workable loam

Operating Attachment in Forward

  • Till and homogenize 
  • Bi-directional drum tills up to 2.5" deep
  • Prepare soil and lay an excellent seedbed

Select Product Options Above

  • Select Preparator Width
  • Preparator comes standard with Universal Quick Attach plate
  • For different mounting, please enter your machine at check-out, or give us a call at 1-866-966-2538 (additional cost may apply)


  • All-in-one Attachment: Clean-up, rock removal, and soil preparation
  • Follows the contour of the ground while picking rocks and debris
  • Tills and fluffs while grooming soil
  • Eliminates the need for extra machines, attachments and man hours
  • Rotating bi-directional drum carries rock and debris into bucket
  • Bi-directional drum tills up to 2.5" deep
  • Picks rocks 1" to 20" in diameter
  • Perforated bucket floor sifts dirt
  • Bucket dumps fast and easy
  • Optimal work visibility while in operation
  • Fully supported replacement parts
66" Weight:
1,270 lbs.
66" Overall Width:
66" Teeth (Inside):
66" Teeth (Outside):
66" Capacity Struck:
10.32 cu. ft.
76" Weight:
1465 lbs.
76" Overall Width:
76" Teeth (Inside):
76" Teeth (Outside):
76" Capacity Struck:
12.50 cu. ft.
GPM Range:
10-25 GPM
Lift Capacity:
<9,000 lbs.
Operating Weight:
<11,000 lbs.
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

FFC Preparator® & PowerRake 01:45
  • FFC Preparator® & PowerRake
    Remove debris and prepare soil with one machine to help reduce extra machines and man-hours. The FFC Preparator® by Paladin Attachments is powered by the skid steer's hydraulics and features a rotating bi-directional drum that can till up to 2 ½" deep. The FFC Preparator is available in three models with struck bucket capacities ranging from 8.9 ft3 to 12.5 ft3 and in widths of 54" to 76".

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