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A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

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SKU: BR-17446-103603

A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

with  |   Apply for Financing

SKU: BR-17446-103603
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The carbon steel market is poised to grow by 699.35 MT during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of almost 8% during the forecast period." (Source: Business Wire)

This is what we are seeing all across the industry; day after day new emails from vendor's telling us that their prices are rising, every order we make for materials needs to be revised because the last price is no longer valid, and for good reason. The cost of steel materials has been steadily increasing throughout 2020, and it unfortunately has not slowed into 2021. The reduced capacities of companies in this industry due to Covid-19 health and safety regulations continues to have an impact. As a result, we are forced to increase our list pricing for 2021 and add a steel surcharge to off-set the rising costs that is projected to continue this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our close and prospective customers. We we will do what we can to keep our prices low when the opportunities are found, but right now we are left with little options.

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Product overview

Bradco Power Tilt Tach with Third Valve


The same strong and reliable Power Tilt Tach that is capable of titling attachment up to 18 degrees left or right, outfitted with a 3rd valve package allowing operation of additional hydraulic attachments. This is ideal for when you need to tilt attachment such as post drives, grapples, 4-in-1 buckets, and more. Built tough, strong and reliable so you can complete work with confidence. The power tilt adapter plate is essentially a middle component that connects to the standard attachment plate on the skid steer. It introduces an additional hydraulic mechanism that grants the attached tool or attachment the ability to tilt side-to-side. This tilting capability adds a new dimension to the skid steer's potential, allowing for more precise and efficient operation in various tasks.

Examples of Hydraulically Operated Attachments

  • Post Driver Attachments
  • Grapples
  • 4-In-1 Buckets
  • Much more!


  • Tilt Attachments 14 degrees left or right
  • 3rd Valve Package included for use with Hydraulically Operated Attachments
  • Ideal for precise grading and leveling
  • Trenchers can be tilted for vertical trenching
  • Boxed frame design is sturdy and reliable
  • Snap latch keeps mechanism from opening during use
  • Integrated protection from dirt entering Tilt Tach

What's Included? 

  • Tilt Tach attachment plate
  • 3rd Valve Package
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Owners manual
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This item will not be under warranty by Stanely or Skid Steer Solutions LLC. and CANNOT be returned. Please research your purchase thoroughly to ensure that this is the right attachment for your needs and machine. Please feel free to reach out to our Sales Team for assistance: 866.966.2538


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