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PDX Skid Steer Post Driver Tilt Option | Eterra

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PDX Skid Steer Post Driver Tilt Option | Eterra

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Eterra PDX-750 Tilt Option

Eterra's Post Driver Attachments are modular, making it easy for owners of their post driver tools to add options at checkout or later on if they decide they need it. Add this Option today if you're looking to add this unique and highly useful functionality to your day to day post driving operations.

Tilt Functionality

Allows for 15 degrees of angle side-to-side when working in uneven conditions that require precision and adjustment. The Tilt mechanism on the PDX-750 has been designed to be as compact and as close to the mounting plate as possible. This allows the weight of the machine to most effectively deliver force to the post. This Tilt functionality is designed specifically for use with the PDX-750 and cannot be used as a stand-alone tilt.


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