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PDX-750 Breaker Style Excavator Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

PDX-750 Breaker Style Excavator Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

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Eterra PDX-750 Breaker Style Excavator Post Driver Attachment

Eterra has long set the standard when it comes to exceptional Post Driving Attachments. The PDX-750 is a new and improved model update, building upon the massive success of previous Eterra attachments and loaded with innovations to help machine operators put posts in the ground as fast as possible, as well as full compatibility with a wide range of Excavator machines. The PDX-750 Excavator Post Driver has been designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America, resulting in a durable and trust-worth attachment that you can be proud to own.

The PDX-750 utilizes concrete hammering technology to provide Breaker Style power when it comes to driving post. With heavy duty housing construction protecting the powercell and rugged manufacturing materials, the PDX-750 is able to perform on the job day in and day out without breaking down or having essential parts vibrate loose. Increase efficiency with two drive head options, as well as a 5-Foot Concrete Breaker Tool option that can be installed and removed with a single pin. The whole PDX-750 package has been designed with the Excavator owning contractor in mind, providing dynamic and reliable performance for every job.

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  • Select Model
  • Select Excavator Coupler (Most Standard Coupler options are included free of charge)
  • If you need a coupler that isn't listed, please select "Other Coupler" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)
  • If you want to build your own, please select "Other Coupler" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)
  • Select Optional Breaker Tool
  • Select Full Driver Head Set Option (Receive Cupped Driver head as well as Flat Driver Head with Post Head Guide System)
  • Select Optional Nitrogen Charge Kit
  • Hoses Included

Excavator Compatible

The PDX-750 can be ordered with an excavator coupler to fit your machine. If you don't see your machine listed in the menu, or would like to build your own, please select "Other Coupler" when checking out. Skid Steer Solutions will be in touch to ensure that your Post Driver package includes everything required for exceptional post driving with your excavator.

Modular System

The PDX-750 is a full modular system, making it simple to mount the attachment on an Excavator, Skid Steer, even a Backhoe. If you also own a Skid Steer or other machine, simply purchase the proper plate, make a few adjustments, and you're good to go. The bolt pattern on the PDX-750 make it simple to adjust the attachment's coupler up or down, depending on your reach and needs as you operate your Excavator.

Driver Head Options

The PDX-750 features two driver head options for maximum versatility. The Heads are made from 4140 heat treated American Made steel to ensure a durable driver head that won't crack or break. Choose your desired option, or elect to receive both driver heads when purchasing.

Cupped Driver Head: An open cup style with a coned shape driver head (no post guide enclosure). 9" cone diameter allows for up to an 8" post.

Flat Cup and Post Head Guide System: Flat shape driver head includes Post Drive Enclosure and four Eyelet options for a variety of post sizes. Eyelet sizes are: 8.5" (8" post), 6.5" (6" post), 4.5" (4" post), 2.5" (2" post or steel T post).


  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Excavator compatible
  • American Made nitrogen charged powercells for driving power you can rely on
  • Strong and durable housing protection over powercell, does not vibrate loose and fall apart
  • Integrated cup design allows for use of both cup options depending on job demands
  • Driver heads made from 4140 heat treated American Made steel
  • Powder coat finish for increased protection against the elements and wear
  • Plumb-chain included for reference when driving on uneven terrain
  • Integrated hose protection
  • Can accommodate optional Concrete Breaker tool with a single pin
  • Remove excess concrete or hammer through rocks below the surface
  • Designed and engineered with high-volume fence contractors in mind


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Impulse Force:
750 ft. lbs.
Driver Head:
Variable Options
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
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Recommended Machines:
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Cup Sizes:
Variable Options
Driver Height:
Coming Soon
Charge Pressure:
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Product Videos

Eterra PDX-750 Breaker Style Post Driver for Excavators - Warehouse Walkthrough 05:52
  • Eterra PDX-750 Breaker Style Post Driver for Excavators - Warehouse Walkthrough
    The PDX-750 from Eterra is the next step in their revolutionary line of Breaker Style Post Driver. Excavator compatible, the EX model can be outfitted with a wide range of couplers to fit your machine. Eterra can even accommodate most custom coupler requests. Breaker Style means the powercell is as tough as they come, while two driver head options and the ability to swap in a 5-foot concrete breaker tool optimize versatility. If that's not enough, tilt functionality is also available. The modular design of the PDX-750 means EX couplers can be changed out fast, and the unit can also be altered simply to fit on a Skid Steer Loader or Backhoe. Learn more, view options, and purchase at Skid Steer Solutions: Skid Steer Loader owner? This system is modular - view the Skid Steer model here:
  • Eterra PDX-750 Breaker Style Post Driver - Product Overview and Demonstration
    Eterra is the originator of the American-Made, Breaker Style Post Driver. The PDX-750 is the latest edition of their industry-leading line of Post Driving Attachments. The PDX-750 features available Tilt Functionality, excavator and backhoe compatibility, two Driver Head options, and the ability to add a 5-Foot Concrete Breaker Tool with ease. Learn more about the evolution of Eterra's Post Driver Attachments, examine key features and benefits, and see the PDX-750 in action. Shop the Eterra PDX-750 Breaker Style Post Driver at Skid Steer Solutions: Check out our full line of Skid Steer Post Driving Attachments: The PDX-750 is also compatible with Excavators and Backhoes!
  • The NEW Eterra® PDX-750 Post Driver for Skid Steer and Excavators
    The Original Breaker Style Post Driver, made constantly improved in the USA. The PDX-750 is a the next generation of Skid Steer Post Driver attachment tools. It's no longer being called the Breaker "Style" Post Driver, it's now fast becoming the most depended upon of post drivers for Skid Steer operators. It drives T-Posts to Railway Ties and has a bundle of features, now including TILT. This Video Demonstrates: - 2" Metal Scrap Pipe Posts (Just for show) - 4" and 6" pointed fence posts - 7" Metal pipe posts - T-Posts If you're interested in a PDX-750 of BPD-1250 Post Driver by eterra, visit our website, talk to your local dealer or call 360-203-7730. You can also email us at and We'd love to know your thoughts on this amazing new and improved post driver attachment in the comments below. We originated this concept in 2007 with the introduction of the PD-550 post driver - Here are some historical videos for your viewing: PD-550 on Vimeo in 2008 PD-550 Post Driver in 2013 In 2016 we introduced the BPD-750 Post Driver:

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