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PDX-1250 Breaker Style Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

PDX-1250 Breaker Style Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

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992.00 LBS
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NEW! Eterra PDX-1250 Breaker Style Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment

We've been getting inquiries for some time about Eterra's redesign of the BPD-1250, a powerful upgrade from the very popular PDX-750. Here it is! The newest installment of the industry-leading Eterra Post Driver Attachments, the PDX-1250 series delivers fast and effective post driving, with a number of dynamic features that customers have come to expect from Eterra's innovative line of attachments. Put posts in tougher ground, faster and more reliably with this American made line of post drivers. Great for farmers, ranchers with livestock and professional fence builders. We hear time and time again how amazed a customer's neighbors are with how fast they put a fence in. Watching your neighbor put 50-80 post per hour with a PDX-1250 after you just slowly dug each post hole out and placed them one by one. That might make you a little upset as you wonder why you hadn't thought of getting one the first time.

Models and Options: Optimize your set-up by selecting from the many PDX-1250 options, including tilt functionality, two different driver heads, and innovative attachment controls. Eterra is proud to design, manufacture and assemble all PDX Post Drivers in the United States of America.

By taking advantage of tried and true, job-site tested concrete hammering technology, the PDX-750 delivers reliable strength and rugged performance in a variety of post driving conditions. Eterra has constructed a heavy duty housing that contains the driver's powercell, the strength of this housing ensures that the attachment stays strong and stable, and will not come loose or fall apart throughout constant pounding and vibration. The PDX-1250 has been designed and engineered with the fence contractor in mind, and is a must-have skid steer attachment for operators looking to get the most out of their machines. 

Select Product Options Above

  • Select Model
  • Select Attachment Control Device (for models with tilt functionality)
  • Select Optional Breaker Tool
  • Select Full Driver Head Set Option (Receive Cupped Driver head as well as Flat Driver Head with Post Head Guide System)
  • Select Optional Nitrogen Charge Kit
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers Included

Tilt Functionality

Allows for 15 degrees of angle side-to-side when working in uneven conditions that require precision and adjustment. The Tilt mechanism on the PDX-750 has been designed to be as compact and as close to the mounting plate as possible. This allows the weight of the machine to most effectively deliver force to the post. This Tilt functionality is designed specifically for use with the PDX-750 and cannot be used as a stand-alone tilt.

Driver Head Options

The PDX-1250 features two driver head options for maximum versatility. The Heads are made from 4140 heat treated American Made steel to ensure a durable driver head that won't crack or break. Choose your desired option, or elect to receive both driver heads when purchasing.

Cupped Driver Head: An open cup style with a coned shape driver head (no post guide enclosure). 10" cone diameter allows for up to an 9" post.

Flat Cup and Post Head Guide System: Flat shape driver head includes Post Drive Enclosure and four Eyelet options for a variety of post sizes. Eyelet sizes are: 10" (9" post), 8" (7" post), 5" (4" post), 2" (2" post or steel T post).

Modular System

The PDX-1250 is a full modular system, making it simple to mount the attachment on a your Skid Steer, and with a simple transfer and a few adjustments, mount the attachment on an Excavator or Backhoe. All you'll need is the proper coupler. We offer a wide range of coupler options, and are able to accommodate most requests. If you're interested in operating the PDX-1250 of both a Skid Steer Loader as well as Excavator or other machine, please give us a call.


  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • American sourced nitrogen charged power cells for driving power you can rely on
  • Strong and durable housing protection over powercell, does not vibrate loose and fall apart
  • Innovative customization including tilt functionality and two driver head options
  • Compact Tilt function allows for 15 degrees of angle side-to-side
  • Integrated cup design allows for use of both cup options depending on job demands
  • Driver heads made from 4140 heat treated American Made steel
  • Powder coat finish for increased protection against the elements and wear
  • Plumb-chain included for reference when driving on uneven terrain
  • Integrated hose protection
  • Can accommodate optional Concrete Breaker tool with a single pin
  • Remove excess concrete or hammer through rocks below the surface
  • Designed and engineered with high-volume fence contractors in mind

PDX-1250 Weight:
992 LBS
PDX-1250C Weight:
1240 LBS
PDX-1250T Weight:
1177 LBS
PDX-1250CT Weight:
1425 LBS
PDX-1250 Width:
PDX-1250 Height:
Driver Head Material:
4140 Heat Treated American-Made Steel
Impulse Force:
750 Ft. Lbs. per Stroke
Impact Energy:
1250 Ft. Lbs. per Stroke
Driver Head:
Variable Options
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
13-21 GPM
Minimum Operating Pressure:
1400 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure:
1700 PSI
Cupped Driver Head Diameter:
Cupped Driver Head Max Post Diameter:
Flat Driver Head Max Post Diameter:

Product Videos

Eterra BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver - Product Overview 06:48
  • Eterra BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver - Product Overview
    The BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver from Eterra provides massive force for pounding fence posts in a wide variety of sizes and materials. In this video, Rob runs you through some of the key features and benefits of this unique attachment, and shows you the details that distinguishes Eterra from the rest. The 1250 is compatible with the Bradco Tilt Tach for pounding posts on uneven terrain, can handle an optional weight plate for more downforce, and is compatible with any machine thanks to Skid Steer Solutions exclusive Plug and Play electrical controls. Check out the BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment on our website: Shop our full line of Skid Steer Post Driver and Fence Installation Attachments:

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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