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Mini Skid Steer Heavy Duty Auger Drive | Digga

Mini Skid Steer Heavy Duty Auger Drive | Digga

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150.00 LBS
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Digga Mini Skid Steer Heavy Duty Auger Drive with Extension Mount

Digga's Mini Skid Steer Extension Mount and Auger Drive allow you to maximize depth, reach, and power with your mini skid steer. This mount allows you to run Digga's standard auger drives (1DSS-4DSS) for up to 3,275 ft. lbs. of torque! This is a really great option for someone looking to use the same drive on their mini skid steer and their standard skid steer or excavator. All you need is the proper mounts. The downside of increased torque is lower drilling speed, so keep that in mind. 

Choose between a Bobcat MT mount or Standard Universal above, and be sure to check out Digga's A4 Earth Auger bits and or RC4 Combo Auger bits for tougher drilling. 


  • Increased reach and more drilling depth
  • Use your auger drive on multiple machines
  • Greater drilling visibility
  • Lets you combine with auger extensions to further increase drilling depth
  • Bobcat or Standard Universal Mounts
  • Quality made in USA

If you're looking for something with less torque, check out Digga's standard Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment.

1DSS Flow Rating:
6-15 GPM
2DSS Flow Rating:
3DSS Flow Rating:
4DSS Flow Rating:
Mount Weight:
150 lbs
Steel Surcharge:

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