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Machine Control Ready Grader Attachment | Skeer

Machine Control Ready Grader Attachment | Skeer

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Skeer Machine Control Ready Grader Attachment (2D/3D Ready) 


The Skeer Machine Control Ready Unit comes ready for precision laser grading. Choose between 3 blade designs that are equipped with all necessary hydraulic components to work with ANY laser 2D or 3D guidance system. Select (optional) Skeer 2D laser guidance kit (kit explained in Options section). You may purchase the units without the Skeer (Futtura) laser guidance kit or additional product option if you would prefer to source it elsewhere, but the unit cannot be run without it a laser control system. Guidance components also available as singular product options.

The Skeer Laser Guidance Kit included nearly all the laser components and controls necessary for 2D grading. You will also need a laser transmitter to work with the kit that you choose to set the grade and guide your unit. This transmitter can be purchased as an additional option with your purchase, or elsewhere (Skeer systems will work with nearly any laser transmitter) and it works hand in hand with your laser receiver and Skeer grader blade. Other accessories include side plates that keep excess material in front of the blade, an aluminum grade measuring rod, and an extendable fiberglass tripod for your laser transmitter. 

The equipment is adjusted to the ground traction level which greatly simplifies the work for the operator. The operator does not have to worry about their start adjustment each time he puts the equipment back on the ground. All units have removable hydraulic cylinder parts and a hydraulic safety device.

Guidance Settings (Laser Guidance Kit)

The guidance system allows you to work in automatic, assisted or manual functions. Automatic lets you set the grade and the unit will make the necessary adjustments while on the move. Assisted function will give the operator an indication when the system needs to be adjusted, and the operator can make adjustments accordingly. Manual function is for rough grading where you want to move more material with less precision. These functions give operators the ability to do both general and precision grading with the same attachment. All automated movements are done directly on the attachment to ensure high accuracy and facilitate the installation. 



Select Your Blade System

  • Pro - 8.4' wide no wings
  • Pro Plus - 7' wide, 12' with wings extended
  • Pro Plus OS - 8.4' wide, 13.4' with wings extended

This base units include

  • The complete leveling blade (Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Plus OS)
  • The hydromechanical interface (vertical and angular movements)
  • The triangular equipment holder (lateral pivoting and traction level adjustment)
  • All the hydraulic components required

This base units do not include

  • Guidance devices (laser transmitter, receiver, RTS, GPS/GNSS)
  • Laser Mast

Select Laser Guidance Kit

Futtura Dual Receiver Kit - Futtura components with 2x MCR1W Receivers. This kit includes 2 masts and receivers and makes automatic 2-slope grading easy, making more complicated grading jobs much more efficient and saving you time and money in the process. 

  • Futtura EG-2 Control Box
  • (2) Futtura Apache Style MCR1W Receiver
  • (2) Skeer System Laser Mast
  • Junction Box
  • All cables and mounts

Select Non Kitted Product Options


  • Grader Blade Side Plates - $395
  • Single Slope- Automatic sloping laser - $1335
  • Dual Slope - Spectra GL422N with remote control - $2650
  • HD aluminum tripod (48" - 116") - includes grade rod - $495
  • Extendable Laser Mast - $795
  • Topcon Laser Receiver - $2145

Electrical Harness

An electric harness is included with the purchase. Harnesses are available for common brands and models (8 pins / 14 pins). Also, if necessary it is possible to make a custom harness.


 Futtura Single Slope Laser Transmitter PDF

 Topcon Laser Receiver PDF

Grade lasers with Vertical Alignment

Minimum Horsepower:
50 HP
1000 to 1300 Lbs.
Length of Central Beam:
7 to 8.4 ft.
Length of Wings (if applicable):
2.5 ft.
Working Width:
8.4 to 13.4 ft.
Horizontal Pivoting:
60 degrees
Vertical Piovting:
24 degrees
6 to 8 positions

Product Videos

Skeer fully automatic system with dual receiver setup 01:24
  • Skeer fully automatic system with dual receiver setup
    • Rough preparation and fine grading with the same attachment • No installation fees (plug and play) • Work near walls and obstacles (no wheels) • Save time (up to 70%) • Improve quality finish and stability with a flat cutting edge • Working width (up to 13.4 ft) Visit our website to learn more about our product at

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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