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$28,914.00 - $33,420.00

A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

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The carbon steel market is poised to grow by 699.35 MT during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of almost 8% during the forecast period." (Source: Business Wire)

This is what we are seeing all across the industry; day after day new emails from vendor's telling us that their prices are rising, every order we make for materials needs to be revised because the last price is no longer valid, and for good reason. The cost of steel materials has been steadily increasing throughout 2020, and it unfortunately has not slowed into 2021. The reduced capacities of companies in this industry due to Covid-19 health and safety regulations continues to have an impact. As a result, we are forced to increase our list pricing for 2021 and add a steel surcharge to off-set the rising costs that is projected to continue this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our close and prospective customers. We we will do what we can to keep our prices low when the opportunities are found, but right now we are left with little options.

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Product overview

Promac LDM Excavator Mulcher


The LDM Series Excavator Mulcher is a contractor-rated mulcher attachment designed for excavators between 6 and 15 tons. Promac redesigned this attachment in 2021, making it more efficient than ever and building off of their 30 years of brush clearing and manufacturing experience. The LDM Series can be configured to run on hydraulic flows as low as 15 GPM @ 5000 psi and shreds through 6” material with ease. It is available in 30” or 50” cut width and the drum can be equipped with your choice of three styles of cutter teeth. The variable torque bent axis piston motor with Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) optimizes drum speed and productivity, and the drum also has a Chip Production Rotor (CPR) that helps maintain optimal drum speed by limiting the bite. Promac utilizes high strength steel and replaceable wear parts throughout that increase the life span of their mulchers.

Note: A case drain line is required to run this attachment.

Applications include: land clearing, forest fire prevention, development and maintenance of roads, trails, pipelines, railways and transmission lines.

Why Promac?

Promac has incorporated their forty years of experience in design and manufacturing of heavy duty brush cutters and mulchers into their latest generation of LDM Series excavator mulchers. The updated LDM series is the result of extensive research and development, customer feedback and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. 


  • Extensive use of high strength steel throughout
  • 55cc variable torque bent axis piston motor
  • Automatic Torque Control (ATC) system
  • Bolted on dust seals keep debris out of the machine bearings
  • Welded-on 1/2" AR400 skid shoes
  • Replaceable AR400 rear anvil
  • Welded and replaceable AR400 wear liner
  • Multiple tooth configurations to suit different mulching conditions
  • Replaceable rotor stub-shafts with spherical roller bearings
  • Direct drive with isolation coupler. Proven, effective protection for the mulcher drive motor
  • Chip Production Rotor (bite limiter)

What's Included?

  • Excavator mulcher head
  • Excavator mount and coupler built for your machine (Promac requires 10 business days to build machine specific mounts) 
  • Hydraulic hoses, case drain, and flat face couplers

Full Features Description


The standard 55cc variable torque hydraulic bent axis motor is tuned to your carrier to get great performance. The Promac technician will ensure optimal performance by tuning the drum speed and shift points of the motor, prior to leaving the factory, to suit the characteristics of the carrier. For those carriers with more auxiliary hydraulic flow available, a 75cc variable motor is available.

Optional variable torque bent axis motor with the Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) is an industry innovation that Promac claims increases productivity by as much as 25%* which is achieved through less drum speed decay and greater drum acceleration. The Promac ATC ensures the motor is always at the optimum torque setting for the available hydraulic power available. More mulching, less waiting. 

The drum itself has the PROMAC “Chip Production Rotor” tooling system, also known in the industry as a "bite limiter" design, that makes sure you don't bite off more than you can chew, and also controls discharge particle size. 

The hydraulic motor is directly coupled to the drum via isolation coupler. This efficient, robust and simple design provides shock load protection for the mulcher drive motor. In applications where the mulching head may be momentarily submerged, water and small debris will not interfere with the drive system which can happen in belt driven machines.

Tooling options:

  1. Chipper teeth: The LDM series comes standard with classic chipper teeth. These can be sharpened, reversed, and replaced easily. They are extremely efficient at mulching wood and last between 40-100 hours per side depending on conditions. They deteriorate quickly in rocky conditions.
  2. Industry standard Beaver teeth: With the addition of a specialized adapter, the LDM drum can be transformed to accept widely available 2 5/16” beaver teeth, which are the most affordable to replace.
  3. Double Carbide Cutter Teeth: Promac's Double Carbide Teeth are not as efficient at mulching and cannot be sharpened, but they are extremely tough, lasting up to 500 hrs and holding up much better in rocky conditions. Because the attachment is more likely to make contact with rocks and other hard material on the ends of the drum, we recommend purchasing Double Carbide Teeth for the outer 3 or 4 rows on each end of the drum, and leaving the middle section with the more efficient Chipper Teeth.


All of the holders and plates on the drum are manufactured from high strength steel for superior impact resistance and longevity. 
The frame is made of fully welded high strength steel and a boxed in design, which provides better rigidity than other open-end designs. This allows the LDM Series to be light weight and maintain great machine strength and stability when operating. The frame incorporates a large ‘pusher pad’ to permit the operator to ‘push’ on the mulcher at the heal of the mulcher with out fear of damaging the mulcher.

Replaceable wear parts:

Promac knows these machines are operating in extreme conditions where normal mild steel will not hold up well in the long term. Abrasion Resistant steel, AR400, is incorporated in high wear areas and components.
A welded-in replaceable AR400 wear liner protects the base liner. This eliminates the need to ever replace the base liner, which can otherwise wear quickly in sandy conditions and cost you a lot in dollars and downtime. Expect years of wear from the replaceable liner and when it comes time, the liner is removed, and a new liner welded into place. Built for easy maintenance.
The mulcher rides on replaceable welded-on skid shoes made of 1/2" AR400 wear plate. Expect years of wear on the shoes and easily replace in a few hours. Less downtime and lower operating costs.
A replaceable rear anvil provides additional performance and utility. The anvil is crucial to prevent too large of material in between the liner and the drum, which could reduce the speed of the drum or even cause jamming. The anvil is made up of machined AR400 plate, welded in place. 



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