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Instazorb Industrial Spill Cleaner

Instazorb Industrial Spill Cleaner

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12.00 LBS
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Instazorb Industrial Spill Cleaner for Oil Spills, Chemical Spills, Paint Spills and More

Instazorb is ideal for quickly absorbing loose oil spills. The Instazorb is also reusable as the Instazorb powder does not saturate easily.

What a great story this is. We bought some of this for the shop a couple of years ago. At first it seemed a bit expensive because the bag was light compared to the kitty litter type of product we were currently using. Our shop is pretty active testing new attachments and lots of times we have fittings come loose and spray hydraulic fluid on the attachment, floor and skid steer. There are signs of this everywhere we run machines. The kitty litter kind of picks up the oil, but then there is always this film left which then attracts dirt thus leaving a permanent mark on the floor.

When I first tried it I could not believe how effortlessly and thoroughly it picked up the oil. There was no mark left on the floor and the oil was suspended in the powder. It looked like it was not saturated so we put it in a 5 gallon bucket and used it over and over for the next year. I could not believe it would absorb so much oil and not leave a stain on the cement.

Fast forward a year. I went to buy more of this amazing product and could not find it. Every place I went to only had kitty litter. The more industrial suppliers said they knew about it and that their emergency oil response kits had a small bucket of this included in the kit. No one had it in a simple bag available for purchase on their floors.

I checked the net and could not find it either. This was very frustrating as this stuff really works and like nothing you have ever seen before.

After further searching, I finally found the inventor. I did not need to be sold on it, I just got started on a full distributorship. It's not an attachment, but it is sure solution to a problem that all of us have that run skid steer loaders. Eventually you have leaks that require some serious clean-up. Keep a bag of this on hand and you will never have a spill clean-up issue.

12 lbs.
Bag Size::
1.5 Cu. Ft.

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  • Instazorb, industrial oil absorbent

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