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HQ Series Male 1/2" body x 3/4" Internal SAE Flat Face Coupler | Holmbury

HQ Series Male 1/2" body x 3/4" Internal SAE Flat Face Coupler | Holmbury

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5.00 LBS

Holmbury HQ Series Flat Faced Couplers Male 1/2" Body to 3/4" SAE

The HQ Series flat face couplers are know globally for their leak free performance in high pressure pulse, hammer circuits and many other applications. Engineered with carbon steel with zinc nickel platting and fitted with Ntrile seals.


  • Flat face design prevents fluid loss during disconnection
  • Flat faces are easily wiped clean
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Allows for minimal inclusion of air and contaminants during connection
  • Safety locking sleeve fitted as standard to prevent accidental disconnection


  • Hammer circuits
  • High pressure pulse applications
  • Leak free environments
  • Construction plant, mobile equipment, general industrial, nuclear, mining and agricultural industries

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