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High Flow Cold Planer Attachment | Blue Diamond

High Flow Cold Planer Attachment | Blue Diamond

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Skid Steer High Flow Cold Planer | Blue Diamond Attachment

The High Flow Cold Planer from Blue Diamond Attachment has been designed for industrial-grade concrete milling and resurfacing. To ensure reliable and durable performance, Blue Diamond has sourced some of the most trusted components in the industry. The high drum weight of this unit, combined with the construction and design of the tooth patten, greatly reduces vibration, leading to more efficient operation across the board. High-end components include: Sauer piston motor, Fairfield planetary hub, Double hung drum with large bearing on non-motor side. Tooth design features: Rocket Fin teeth and V-Tooth pattern setup. 

When you're on the job, putting your equipment to the test, you need attachments that are reliable and you can trust. Fine adjustment and grade control is made possible thanks to adjustable side runners, while Blue Diamond's large access over makes for easier (and safer) tooth replacement. 

Low Flow Model Available: Click here to learn more about the Blue Diamond Low Flow Cold Planer Attachment

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  • Select Electrical Control Type (included with purchase)
  • Hoses and Quick Couplers included with purchase


  • Reliable Sauer Piston motor 
  • Trusted Fairfield planetary hub
  • High torque, planetary drive
  • Reduced vibration for increased productivity
  • Huge access cover for easier tooth replacement (faster and safer)
  • Double hung drum with large bearing provides long-lasting performance
  • 16"-48" grinding widths means there's a model to fit your machine and application
  • 5/8" thick drum tube
  • Fully supported parts and teeth replacements
  • Optional Water Kit (please call for availability)
  • Made in the USA
16" Cutting Depth:
16 Tilt:
+/- 15 degrees"
16 Side Shift:
16 # of Teeth:
16 Minimum GPM/PSI:
24 GPM/2000 PSI"
16 Weight:
1765 pounds"
18 Cutting Depth:
18 Tilt:
+/- 15 degrees"
18 Side Shift:
18 # of Teeth:
18 Minimum GPM/PSI:
24 GPM/2000 PSI"
18 Weight:
1805 pounds"
24 Cutting Depth:
24 Tilt:
+/- 13 degrees"
24 Side Shift:
24 # of Teeth:
24 Minimum GPM/PSI:
27 GPM/2000 PSI"
24 Weight:
1970 pounds"
30 Cutting Depth:
30 Tilt:
+/- 10 degrees"
30 Side Shift:
30 # of Teeth:
30 Minimum GPM/PSI:
30 GPM/2000 PSI"
30 Weight:
2155 pounds"
40 Cutting Depth:
40 Tilt:
+/- 8 degrees"
40 Side Shift:
40 # of Teeth:
40 Minimum GPM/PSI:
30 GPM/2750 PSI"
40 Weight:
2450 pounds"
48 Cutting Depth:
48 Tilt:
+/- 6 degrees"
48 Side Shift:
48 # of Teeth:
48 Minimum GPM/PSI:
30 GPM/3500 PSI"
48 Weight:
2685 pounds"
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Skid Steer Cold Planer : Blue Diamond Attachments 03:37
  • Skid Steer Cold Planer : Blue Diamond Attachments
    The Blue Diamond Cold Planer is an extremely high quality skid steer attachment that uses components from the most trusted names in the industry. From the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub, these high end components combine with our advanced engineering and design to make this cold planer one of the most trusted and reliable units available for your skid steer! The extra large access cover allows easier tooth replacement, reducing tooth change time by up to 50% compared to competitors. This also provides a much safer and easier way to change the teeth instead of getting under the unit! Using the Rocket Fin tooth from the factory and the V tooth pattern setup, vibration is reduced and productivity is greatly increased! The adjustable side runners provide fine adjustment for grade control. The Blue Diamond Cold Planer is designed for a wide range of applications, like removal of asphalt surfaces prior to overlay, or shoulder widening projects, pothole repair, restoring drainage near curb lines and mixing stabilizing agents into bases for more durable repair.
  • High Flow cold planer, Customer video : Blue Diamond Attachments
    Customer video clip of our high flow cold planer, from a public works department in Tennessee. Learn more at

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