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66" Toothed Construction Bucket Attachment | Berlon

66" Toothed Construction Bucket Attachment | Berlon

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477.00 LBS

Berlon Toothed Skid Steer Digging Bucket Attachment

If you're looking to upgrade to a heavy duty bucket for your skid steer, this is it. Outfitted with aggressive digging teeth, heavy duty steel bucket material, and a universal skid steer mounting plate. Berlon attachments are manufacturer in the USA using only the best materials and attention to detail. The 66" bucket width is ideal for a range of skid steer loaders. 

What makes Berlon buckets so good?

Top quality materials and the best design. Even more important, time spent on assembly. Berlon pre-heats dis-similar metals when welding so the weld actually penetrates and holds. The back has a formed beam on the top and an enclosed beam on the bottom. This adds incredible structural integrity to the bucket. The forming on the bottom is curved to keep material from getting hung up in a sharp corner. This helps the bucket clean out better. What really makes this bucket stand out is the Dimple Plate. The bottom is dimple plated. This acts like a huge steel honey comb. It is 5 times stronger, but still lighter than using raw steel. It provides lateral stability as well as incredible strength. When you hit a large imbedded rock that stops your machine, the bucket will not distort.

477 Lb
3/16" Lower Dimple Wear Plate
Back Angle:
70 Degrees
Dimple Plate:
Cutting Edge:
3/4" x 6"
Side Cutters:
3/8" x 3"
Radius Kick Out Plate:
Powder Coat

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