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G2 Root Grapple | Sidney

G2 Root Grapple | Sidney

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900.00 LBS
Built to Order

Skid Steer Gorilla Root Grapple


The G2 Root Grapple is a super heavy duty grapple is perfect for ripping up concrete, picking up logs, rocks, concrete, and other heavy objects. Many grapples are just a glorified bucket with some means of clamping down on the frame. Those grapples rarely ever meet expectations. The G2 does, and more. At 900 pounds, this is a Grappling Heavy Weight.

Most other Grapples available have such short teeth that you cannot reach under an item and grip it. To add strength, the manufacturers have added plenty of reinforced teeth or frame work, but this takes so much away in functionality that you may as well use a regular bucket. This new Gorilla Grapple has only three large reinforced teeth that allow you to reach, rip and tear. It is so strong that you can scarify solid ground and rip up concrete. Once you tear up the concrete, you can pick it up and dump it. Clearing large brush and stump areas is a snap. Tree gathering and general clearing mayhem is a blast with this attachment. You simply cannot find a tougher Grapple than this. 

Testimonial from the Owner of Skid Steer Solutions

"We happened to pick up a logging project when the first one of these came in. Most of the time we would chase the branches around and try to grab them. With this tool, we would just dive into whatever pile was in our way and as the grapple closed, it would pull the material to the center and actually compact it... WOW!!"

What's Included?

  • Skid Steer G2 Gorilla Root Grapple
  • Couplers
  • Hoses
  • Owner's Manual
900 lbs.
Grapple Opening:
Rod Size:
1 3/4" x 5" Deep Spar
Pivot Shaft:
2 1/2"
A572 Grade 50 Steel - 400 Burnell Hardened Tips
Cutting Edge:
Hydraulic Cylinders:
Number of Tines:

Product Videos

Gorilla Grapple 02:10
  • Gorilla Grapple
    The most powerful, versatile grapple available for your skid steer. This patented unit is made from 1" high tensile steel with 400 BHN tips making it the toughest grapple on the market. It easily breaks and crushes concrete slab or scarifies packed soil. It is perfect for loading or moving brush and debris.

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