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Fleet Management GPS Tracking System

Fleet Management GPS Tracking System

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GPS Tracking System | No Theft GPS | LTE (4G) Tracker

Applicable to everything from full fleet management to a single family owned vehicle. This GPS Tracking System will secure your skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, excavators, backhoes, or any other heavy machine that needs to be tracked and looked over. Prevent theft, deter criminals and vandalism, and protect your important investments with this system that is easy to install and effective. Featuring LTE (4G) cellular communication, you can trust this unit to perform and protect. Unit is water resistant, and reports location information via the LTE cellular network with configurable intervals. 

The GPS Tracking System includes an input which can be used to detect ignition, and an output which can be used to control a starter interrupt device. This is a great Skid Steer Tracking System and Skid Steer Security System for your loader, also applicable to Mini Skid Steers, Excavators, and all other heavy equipment machines.

Product comes with hardware and software subscription. 

Value GPS + Full System Commercial Asset Management  Features
(1 Year Web and Phone Service with Purchase)
  • Designed to be hardwired into any vehicle or machine.
  • Backup Battery, reports power loss when constant power is lost.
  • Designed to be EZ-wired into any vehicle or machine. Basic install is power and ground.
  • Compatible with any 12-24 volt equipment.
  • 2 minute updating, Real time tracking, geo fencing, 30 day history, off hour alerts, and more.
  • Private web login to set up the commands you want to use.
  • Baseline option includes the unit and 1 year of service.
  • Unit is guaranteed as long as you have service. (Functioning unit will be provided if replacement is needed, unit will not necessarily be in "new" condition)
  • Transferable to the next owner at no additional charge.
  • Water and shock resistant.
  • Rest mode with motion wake-up. low power consumption.
  • Tutorial videos explain all the “how to”
  • Easy to use mobile App

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