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Double Pole Claw Tool | EZ SPOT UR

Double Pole Claw Tool | EZ SPOT UR

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EZ SPOT UR Double Pole Claw

The Double Pole Claw is unique and just really cool to use. With the rotating base, you can pick up a pole and rotate it into place. The DP Claw can be used for wood poles, light poles, ornamentals, or for constructing pole buildings. Features include rubber lined claws and a shape that is gentle enough yet firm when holding uneven materials. The strength of this machine is so great that it can handle a 1,100 lb 32' pole. For Contractors, this tool is a must!

This page features the stand-alone attachment. In order to utilize the Double Pole Claw, you must combine it with an EZ SPOT UR Base Unit. 

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  • Select Optional EZ SPOT UR Base Unit to combine with Double Pole Claw Attachment
  • Select Optional Attachment Control Device (For use with Double Cylinder Rotating Base)

Base Unit Details

  • Fixed Base: The simplest of all bases as it does not rotate and there are no wires to connect.
  • Double Cylinder Rotating Base: The most popular of all bases as it combines rotation with high torque. It is ideally suited for implements that are going to lift and turn heavy items such as poles, trees and large rocks. 

• Fits all Skid Steers with Universal Quick Tach Adaptors
• Designed to insure even clamping pressure with 2 Independent Jaws
• Includes Rubber Grips Inside Grapple to Protect the Handled Pole
• Rotating Base Only Available Allows 127 Degrees of Rotation
• Made from 3/8" Grade 50 material
• Clamping Cylinders are 2" x 6" Cylinders
• Opens to 14"

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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