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Canadian Page

Canadian Shipping Page for Skid Steer and Excavator Attachments

If you are a Canadian customer, then this is the page for you. We will keep this page updated this with all of the information you will need to make an online purchase with us go as smoothly as possible. Please note that when you visit our site, the prices displayed and offers advertised are in US Dollars. The prices are should only be used for estimating the financial insititution that you use will charge you at varied rates that may not equal your conversion.  Your bank rate at the time of transaction will over ride the rates shown on our site because they always take a cut.

We will not accept cancellations because you were unaware of the exchange rates.

We are a Canadian owned company, and we truly believe you are in the best hands when it comes to ordering your equipment from the United States. You can rely on our quality products and world class service before and after the order.

The Basics

We will try to use USPS whenever possible to minimize your costs and brokerage charges and please note, all packages shipped USPS, UPS or FEDEX or any other parcel carrier will require a signature upon receival. For the costs that are incurred in shipping and when a package is stolen, received damaged or lost, it simply is not worth the financial risk of not requiring a signature. If we cannot ship USPS, we will use UPS because their brokerage is more streamline than Fed-ex. Larger shipments will travel with  R&L Carriers or ODFL depending on your address.  Base shipping is to a business address or freight depot.  It is not for home delivery with lift gate services. If you require special services, we will hold your order and get back to you with a quote for these services. Farms and construction sites that require special services will also be quoted and billed separately prior to shipment. 

Skid Steer Solutions was originally founded by a Canadian from Vancouver building many of the products in Surrey, BC.  The company flourished, based upon sound principals of providing the best quality products at the fairest prices.  We know Canada!


  • All final skid loader sale prices are in US Dollars.  We do not charge any taxes for out of state transactions shipped out of the state.
  • 8.7% Washington State Sales Tax is charged on items picked up at or warehouse unless you are from a state or province that does not have a sales tax.  If you are from BC, the item must be shipped across the border for you to not pay sales tax.  This is the law so there is no way around this.
  • When importing the items, you will be responsible for GST and PST and any other costs outside of what we originally charged you for the items.  We cannot be held responsible for charges that occur once the items leave our dock.
  • If you pick the item up in Washington, we have to charge you sales tax as well.  It's the law and we cannot change it.  If we ship it to you outside of Washington, there we will not charge you for Washington State Sales Tax.


  • We accept all major credit cards as well as bank to bank wire transfers.  We do not have anything to do with the fees they charge you or the exchange rate.
  • Credit Cards - The exchange rate charged by your bank.  This rate may or may not be a good rate.  We cannot help this so it is up to you to check with your bank prior to ordering.  They may also charge you an additional 2% for an out of country transaction.  This is a bit of a joke, but again we cannot help you with what your bank or credit card company does.
  • Purchase orders.  We do not accept out of country purchase orders or checks unless they are certified and drawn on a US bank.
  • Terms.  We do not offer terms because once the product moves across the border we cannot retrieve it if we are not paid.  Our prices are lower because we never have bad debt.


  • When you export goods from the US to Canada, you are required to use a broker.  The broker will manage the collection of all duties and taxes.  When you buy the product, you pay us only for the item and shipping.  The broker will collect any taxes or duties and will charge you a fee of about $125 - $200 for the service.  This is a cost that you will pay the broker, not us. 
  • You do not need a broker if you meet us at the border and enter Canada with the goods in your possession unless you import them in your business name.  Citizens in Canada can make an informal entry and pay the duties and taxes personally without using a broker.  The invoice must be in your personal name.


  • Most of our attachments are made in the US or Canada.  We have a NAFTA certificate in place and you can bring the attachments across the border duty free.  Some items mades outside of North America In most cases are not dutiable because they qualify as farm attachments. 

How to save money

From our vast experience in exporting, this is the most efficient way we have found for Canadians to save money.

  • Ship to a US address close to the border.
  • Pick the items up on the US side.
  • Import the items yourself using your personal exemptions and an informal entry.
  • Self Clearing - Have the items shipped in bond and self clear them.  You will be required to fill out the Skid Steer Canada Customs forms yourself, but you will save money.  Ask us for more detail if this is the route you would like to take.

What do our shipping rates cover?

It is impossible for us to give you online quotations to every place in Canada.  Our rates are set up to quote you delivery to a major metropolitan city in your province.  You can choose to have a business delivery in that city or pick it up.  When you order, you will be sent an email explaining which city we can ship to at the price quoted.  If you would like to have the item shipped closer to you, we will have to contact a Canadian shipper to handle the end of the line logistics and this cost will be more.

Drop Ship Locations In the USA for Canadian Pick-up:

We have been establishing pick up locations close to the border on the USA side so that you can come down, pick the products up and import them yourselves.  This save you brokerage and shipping in Canada.

Manitoba - Ship to Address
Mike's Parcel Pick-up
183 West Stutsman Street
Pembina, ND  58271
They generally charge a $25 per pallet handling fee.  Contact them for more details.

Alberta - Ship to Address
At the Border Storage
408 Oak Street
Sweet Grass, MT 59484


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