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Brushhound FH Series Skid Steer Flail Mower | Rockhound

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Brushhound Flail Mower FH-Series

The BrushHound FH-Series Flail Mower shredders are designed to effectively cut and mulch brush and other vegetation up to 5" on machines with 16-40+ GPM. The benefit of these mowers over a drum mulcher is that they are much more efficient at cutting light brush and grass, and are therefore more a more versatile mower if you are dealing with lighter applications, while at the same time handling saplings other material of at least 5" with ease. 

They come in three widths – 5, 6 and 7 feet – and can quickly turn brush and saplings into a mulch covered field. The mower features 48, 60, and 72 heavy 2 Lb blades respectively, giving you over 100 Lbs of razor sharp steel blades to slice whatever is in its path. Cutting capacity .5-4”.

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Note: The default pricing and model selected is the 60FH Model (60" Cutting Width)

  • Select Mower Width
  • Select Optional Push Bar
  • Select Optional Reversible Side Skid Shoes
  • Select Optional Adjustable Rear Roller (8", 1/2" Thick)
  • Select Optional Forestry Door Upgrade (Impact-resistant polycarbonate)
  • Piston Motor option is available for operators with large enough machines. Please call 866-966-25638 for details and to confirm compatibility.


  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Internal Wear Liners. Made of abrasion-resistant material
  • Power. Gear-type hydraulic drive with motor protection
  • Toughness. High-strength 1/2" & 3/8" steel plate construction
  • Triple Flail Knives: Reversible triple knife 2.25-pound “J” knives plus a 2 pound straight knifes provide 7 pounds of knife in each station adding power and extra cutting surface
  • Cutting Strength.  Unique castle nut roll pin blade retention system keeps knives firmly in place
  • Adjustable Rollers. Greater control over cutting height
  • Ease. Replaceable side skid shoes (optional)
  • Safety. Push bumper leans small trees and brush away from the cab before knives make contact (optional)


The BrushHound FH-Series is front-mounted with a universal skid steer style mounting plate. Discharge is down so no debris is thrown in the operator’s direction. The need for a demolition door is not mandatory.  The reversible triple knives are durable, efficient and provide maximum cutting capacity. As with all BrushHound products, the cutter drum is electronically balanced for smoother operation.

What makes this machine so popular is its ability to clear the brush and chip it to the point that it becomes compost. In a forested area, you can run through the brush and small trees and make them completely disappear. There is no mess left like what you would see when using a Bush Hog mower.

A flail mower behaves much like a chipper when cutting brush. There are many teeth cutting and grinding so the end product is a fine mulch, not rough cut branches. When running this machine through small trees, the teeth cut the base of the tree and it falls over. As soon as the teeth hit the tree base, it sucks the tree into the machine and grinds it into mulch. What comes out the back is just a fine mulch.

This is a heavy industrial built mower so care must be exercised when sizing the mower to the skid steer. You should have a machine capable of lifting at least 1750 lbs. For smaller skid steer loaders, check out our other Brush Hound flail mowers.

This Skid Steer mounted Brush Hound Flail Mower is a high flow attachment that requires 30-40 GPM of hydraulic flow for optimum performance. Your machine must be utilizing the modern universal quick attach in order to pick up this attachment. Contact us for more details regarding compatibility.

Forestry Door Upgrade Option

For heavy-duty forestry and land clearing operations, we highly recommend a Forestry Door Upgrade for your Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader. Made of 1/2" or 3/8" thick impact-resistant polycarbonate, these doors protect the operator from flying rocks and debris during harsh applications and increase energy efficiency inside the cab. Available for a wide selection of machines, easy to install, matching mounting holes to OEM original models. Increase safety and visibility, lock in heat during the winter, keep your cab cool during the summer. Hardware not included.

1625 lbs.
Overall Width:
72", 84", 96"
Cutter Width:
60", 72", 84"
60" Model Flow Rec:
16-20+ GPM
72" Model Flow Rec:
18-30+ GPM
84" Model Flow Rec:
20-40+ GPM
2 lb. Flail Knives
Cutting Height:
Number of Knives:
48 HD Industrial Flail Knives
5"+ Thick Material

Product Videos

HEAVY DUTY Skid Steer Flail Mower Mulching 6" Trees! | Skid Steer Solutions 09:29
  • HEAVY DUTY Skid Steer Flail Mower Mulching 6" Trees! | Skid Steer Solutions
    Brush Hound's FH Series Flail Mower is one of the most versatile skid steer mowing attachments on the market. Capable of everything from field mowing to mulching, this attachment really can handle it all (even oversized trees and barbed wire). Pricing and specifications: Demo unit: Thank you for watching, and if you're interested in learning more about us and our products, just visit our website! Meet the faces and hands behind Skid Steer Solutions: Did you know we're a proud supporter of Monster Energy Supercross Racers?

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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