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BPD-1250 Skid Steer Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

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Eterra Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders | BPD-1250 

Eterra is the industry leader of their original Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders. This driver is built in the USA using original OEM supplied Arrowhead Rockdrill power cells from Barstow, California. Eterra has worked closely with Arrowhead Rockdrill for over a decade to develop some of the best post drivers for skid steer loaders. Loaded with features and performance while also being made in America quality with support from one of the top designers and manufacturers found anywhere. Eterra's specialty is attachments, and they have the people, the facilities, the resources and the quality to offer customers before and after the sale. Much of the Post Driver competition has so many issues with the design of their attachments and the off-shore material sources that Eterra is proud to set the standard here in the United States.
The BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver is the most efficient way to use your skid steer to drive posts. It uses very few moving parts to insure a power drive to the post head and a safe operation for both the operator and any bystanders. If you own a skid steer and want to drive posts, then this is the driver for you. Eterra created this Breaker Style of post driver over a decade ago with the PD-550. Since then, competitors have cheapened the design more and more by introducing non-American power cells in order to cut costs and compete with Eterra's Made in America versions. Eterra uses only Arrowhead power cells that are made in Barstow, California.
Eterra BPD Post Driver are also compatible with the Bradco Tilt Tach and can accommodate a concrete breaker tool as well. Tilt the BPD on uneven terrain and utilize the concrete breaker tool to remove excess concrete or large rocks that get in the way while driving. 
Select Product Options Above
  • Select Optional 5-Foot Breaker Tool
  • Select Optional Quick Attach Plate Option (Bradco Tilt Tach available for tilting while operating on uneven terrain)
  • Select Attachment Control Device (For use with Bradco Tilt Tach)
  • Select Optional Nitrogen Charge Kit
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers Included
How Does the BPD-1250 Work? 
Employing a nitrogen gas back head as the energy store, the piston is lifted directly into the gas using the hydraulic oil from the loader hydraulics. As the piston reaches the top of the stroke the hydraulic oil is permitted to exit the hammer allowing the nitrogen gas to decompress and driving the piston to the bottom of the stroke forcefully impacting the working tool. 

When tested on a full sized machine, Skid Steer Solutions testers were able to fit an 11 foot post into the drive unit. This should work effectively for most of our customer's requirements. The drive power is unheard of and the safety is a nice feature. No external moving parts flying around while you use it.  ust a Nitrogen charged internal drive head. These skid steer post drivers are simple and effective and second to none.
BPD-1250 Features
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • American made nitrogen power cells
  • Durable and strong housing keeps power cell protected and secure
  • Will not rattle loose and fall apart
  • Compatible with Universal Quick Attach System
  • Powder coat finish for increased durability
  • Attachment feet/stand for ease of transport and storage
  • Integrated hose protection
  • Compatible with Concrete Breaker Tool with a single pin
Breaker Post Driver Details and Specifications
670 - 920 lbs.
Impulse Force:
Driver Head (In):
8 Coned Style
High Alloy Strength Steel
Hydraulic Flow Requirement (GPM) ):
Recommended Machines:
Min. 1300 lb. Lift Capacity Loaders
Cup Sizes (In):
Up to 8" Coned Cup
Driver Height (In):
Skid Steer Main Pin Height Plus 4
Charge Pressure PSI:
Charge Capacity:
1/2 Gallon

Product Videos

Skid Steer Breaker Style Post Driver | Eterra 03:09
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    Product Information: [] Eterra has been leading the curve when it comes to Post Driver technology for compact equipment attachments. With the PD-550 for both Skid Steers and Excavators being a huge success over the last decade, we've optimized the design to drive more posts faster and costs down. Learn more about our Attachment Tools: []
  • Eterra BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver - Product Overview
    The BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver from Eterra provides massive force for pounding fence posts in a wide variety of sizes and materials. In this video, Rob runs you through some of the key features and benefits of this unique attachment, and shows you the details that distinguishes Eterra from the rest. The 1250 is compatible with the Bradco Tilt Tach for pounding posts on uneven terrain, can handle an optional weight plate for more downforce, and is compatible with any machine thanks to Skid Steer Solutions exclusive Plug and Play electrical controls. Check out the BPD-1250 Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment on our website: Shop our full line of Skid Steer Post Driver and Fence Installation Attachments:

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 2-Year warranty on all post driver products. Please visit our warranty page to learn more!

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