Be Rewarded up to $20.00 for your Review!

Be Rewarded up to $20.00 for your Review!

Posted by Skid Steer Solutions on 15th Sep 2014

Hey Everyone,

In case you have yet to hear, Skid Steer Solutions is looking to learn more about our customers experiences and product impressions, and that is why we are seriously offering cold hard cash for your honest words. Take a photo of you/your machine with the new attachment for us to post on our website and you will qualify for bonus cash! If you are a past customer of ours and think that your used attachment isn't pretty enough for a photo or that it's past the time to write a review, you are wrong! We want to hear what everyone has to say and the more time you have had with our products the better, so go ahead and write a review and share a photo as well.

There are a few rules to qualify to receive rewards but don't worry, they aren't that serious but you do need to follow them.

The Fine Print Details:

1. Be kind and use only words the kids would be allowed to use. Profane and foul language will get your review deleted and excluded from our webpage and it will not receive a reward.

2. The review must be written by a real customer of ours meaning you must be the original buyer and exist in our system. If we can not find you in our system or we can not find any contact information then you will not receive a reward.

3. The review must mention your experience with Skid Steer Solutions or the specific product purchased, reviews that do not mention the product or a specific experience with us will not qualify to receive a reward.

4. Reviews less than 100 characters in length and deemed incomprehensible will also not receive a reward.

5. Be honest and be fair to us: Reviews that are not authentic (subject to our interpretation as there is a lot of spam on the web) or deemed as an unfair attack on our company and products will not be posted and will not qualify for a reward. 

So that's just it folks, we are Skid Steer Solutions and with out a doubt your experience matters to us! We hope that you could spare some moments to share yours with us and in return, you can feel good about making a little bit of cash!

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