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Auger Repair Hub for 2 7/8" Tubing | Eterra

Auger Repair Hub for 2 7/8" Tubing | Eterra

8.00 LBS
Built to Order

Auger Repair Hub - 2" Hex - 2-7/8" Round Tubing

This is a forged heavy duty repair hub designed for welding onto 2-7/8" heavy walled tubing. It features a multi-hole design with 3/4" and 5/8" holes. Hole patterns fit Eterra, Danuser, McMillen and others. Our design is unique as it features a wave pattern for welding to the tubing. If you look at your failed hub, the breaks usually occur along the straight line. When you weld ours, you are welding along a radius which gives you a longer welded surface and a curved line. This helps to reduce the stresses that occur when drilling and makes for a much stronger drive.

Important Notice

These are industrial hubs used in the manufacture of industrial augers.  We use heavy wall tubing with an OD of 2-7/8" to manufacture our augers.  We have been selling these as repair pieces so this dimension has never mattered. We have discovered that some people are using these to build their own augers or extensions. If you do so, then you are expected to understand the difference between pipe and tubing. Tubing is measured as OD and pipe is measured as ID. If you try to use standard pipe, you will have two issues:

1. The pipe will be a lot weaker and will likely fail. Skid Steer Solutions can not claim responsibility should this issue arise.

2. The pipe will have a different outside dimension and will likely not fit properly.

The quality of the welds that you perform are strictly at your own risk.  We recommend that you work with someone who can weld this product professionally to minimize any damage and downtime.  Again, we cannot be held responsible for issues pertaining how this product is used or fabricated into a finished item.

8 lbs.
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

Auger Repair Kit - Skid Steer Solutions Video University Video #11 02:26
  • Auger Repair Kit - Skid Steer Solutions Video University Video #11
    Skid Steer Solutions introduces their hub repair kit which can also be used to make your own extensions. For more information about this product or for inquiries, visit the following link: For more products and attachments, visit: or contact us directly at 1-866-966-2538

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