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78" Land Plane Attachment | Bradco

78" Land Plane Attachment | Bradco

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Bradco Medium Duty 78" Land Plane Skid Steer Attachment

The Bradco 78" Land Plane Medium Duty for skid steers is ideal for landscape finish work, redressing gravel driveways, and filling small depressions to prep the soil for seed. Rated for Skid Steers up to 60 HP. There are two options to choose from you can purchase the Land Plane by itself or you can purchase it with the comb, scarifiers, and bolt-On cutter bars included.

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Let's talk a little bit more about why someone would choose this really dynamic and useful implement, over a grader blade attachments. How many times have you had to just redress a gravel driveway and thought that a grader blade would be perfect for the task? Two hours after you start you are left with deep gouges in your roadway that will take another two hours to repair. Skid Steer land planes are cut out just for this task. It will not let you dig down into the base and destroy the road, but it will carry enough material to fill potholes and level the washboard sections in a snap.

How about field work? A land plane is ideal for landscape finish work where you need to fill small depressions and prep the soil for seed. The serrated edge does a great job of creating corduroy soil so it will more readily accept lawn seed. You can roll it back so that you can leave the surface with a flat rolled look.

The LP-78 comes with drop down scarifying teeth for the really tough jobs. You simply slide them down into place and pull backwards to tear up most materials. When you are done, you just slide them up and out of the way.

450 lbs.
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Bradco Land Plane Demonstration | Skid Steer Solutions 02:26
  • Bradco Land Plane Demonstration | Skid Steer Solutions
  • Bradco Land Planer LS78 Demonstration
    The Bradco Land Plane is a great tool to keep around if you are a landscaper or often find yourself smoothening out surfaces. Learn more here:
  • Bradco Land Plane Product Introduction | Skid Steer Grader Attachment

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