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2PLUS Series Steel Tracks - 12" Wide | PAIR | Eterra

2PLUS Series Steel Tracks - 12" Wide | PAIR | Eterra

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Eterra 2PLUS Series Steel Tracks - 12" - Wide

The Eterra 2Plus Series Steel Tracks 12" Wide for skid steers are ideal for rough terrain and muddy conditions. 

The price listed is for our standard tracks designed for skid steer machines with 12 x 16.5" tires. Your actual tread width can vary between 11-1/4"+.  This is an important measurement because many 12" tires are not actually 12" wide.  It is worth the effort to measure your actual tire width to insure that the tracks do not drift from side to side if they are too wide or that they are too tight and can damage your sidewalls.

Over a decade ago we worked with a steel manufacturer to design and offer a lower cost alternative to the larger and heavier tracks that were normally found at the time.  It paid off as these have been the most successful tracks that we have ever sold.  They are great for operations where you need more flotation.  Wet & soupy mud is not a problem.  They are designed to have a life expectancy of 1000 - 1500 hours depending on how corrosive and abrasive the material is that you are running in.  They are made from a high temper marbain material which makes them very strong, long wearing and light.  Most customers put less than 200 hours per year on their machines so you will get at least 5 years of use out of these steel skid steer tracks.  They are not rebuildable.  When they have reached their life cycle, they are meant to be recycled.  

The only operations that they do not perform well in are ice and steep clay type terrain.  As they do not have side grousers, if you get onto icy slopes that angle to the side, they will have a tendancy to have you skate in that direction.  On steep slippery hillsides, because of the flotation, they can allow you to slide forward.  If you work in this type of terrain, you would want our Eterra Bar Traxx.  They have a lot more traction and less floatation.  What is great about the smoother track style is that you can cross over grass and driveways.  They will leave a mark, but not do any permanent damage.

These, as with other over the tire style tracks need to be sized for your machine by ensuring proper clearances and tire styles.

You will need to verify your actual tread width before ordering any tracks for a bobcat or other vehicle. You should also measure the distance between the sidewall of your tire and the frame. You should have 3" of clearance to be sure that the tracks will not contact the frame during tight turns. If you do not have 3" of clearance, check your wheels to see if you cannot turn them around. Many skid steer machines now have reversible rims that are off-set to allow you to add tracks without needing spacers.

If you do not have reversible off-set rims, then you will need to purchase spacers. These are available as an option on this page.  Count the lugs on your wheels to be sure that you order the right spacers.  Most machines use 8 bolt wheels while some older machines use 6 bolt.

Please Note: An Installation Tool is not included with purchase. Simply use a ratchet strap to install your tracks.

NOTE: Another thing to look for is boom clearance. We have no way of knowing if you have exactly the right amount of clearance because of factors such as the height of your tires, the type of tread and the sidewall height. This is something you will need to check as well and be responsible for. Make sure that when you put the boom all of the way down you have 2" of clearance around the boom. If you do not, you may still need spacers to give you enough clearance or a boom stop to keep the boom from coming all of the way down.

Boom stops are inexpensive, but they do create another problem. If you stop the boom from coming all of the way down, your bucket does not hit the ground flat which makes it hard to grade smoothly. The bucket usually has a strip on the front and rear that you run flush to the ground when grading.  This makes your grading smoother and more accurate. Tracks and boom stops mess with this layout by raising the machine and boom up. You need to be aware of this as no track solution is absolutely perfect. If other dealers are not telling you this, it is because they want the sale without regards to what you really need. We try to pass on information here in the hopes you will still use our products but be much more informed.


Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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