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A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

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SKU: ET-19S084-A001-63

A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

with  |   Apply for Financing

SKU: ET-19S084-A001-63
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The carbon steel market is poised to grow by 699.35 MT during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of almost 8% during the forecast period." (Source: Business Wire)

This is what we are seeing all across the industry; day after day new emails from vendor's telling us that their prices are rising, every order we make for materials needs to be revised because the last price is no longer valid, and for good reason. The cost of steel materials has been steadily increasing throughout 2020, and it unfortunately has not slowed into 2021. The reduced capacities of companies in this industry due to Covid-19 health and safety regulations continues to have an impact. As a result, we are forced to increase our list pricing for 2021 and add a steel surcharge to off-set the rising costs that is projected to continue this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our close and prospective customers. We we will do what we can to keep our prices low when the opportunities are found, but right now we are left with little options.

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Product overview

Eterra Razor Skid Steer Sickle Bar Mower


Responding to the needs of customers, Eterra has developed the Razor Sickle Bar Mowing Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders. This attachment addresses a long-standing challenge faced by many operators - efficiently cutting material alongside roads while moving forward. With its adjustable angle from 110 degrees to 45 degrees, you can effortlessly trim hedges, berms, and ditches, achieving precision and productivity like never before. Additionally, the Razor Sickle Bar enables an impressive reach of up to 17'+, making light work of materials up to 2" in diameter.

Equipped with a heavy non-clogging style sickle, the Razor Sickle Bar ensures smooth operation even in challenging conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing your overall efficiency. Safety is of utmost importance to Eterra, which is why this attachment has been designed to avoid throwing debris back at you or bystanders, making it a safe and suitable choice for residential use. Moreover, the inclusion of a break-away bar serves to protect the unit from accidental collisions, reducing the risk of damage and unnecessary repair costs.

To operate this cutter at an optimal performance, you need to run it at a hydraulic flow rate of 15 GPM - 20 GPM @ 3000 PSI Rated. If your machine flow is higher, utilize your endcap control to keep your flow below 20 GPM.


At Skid Steer Solutions, safety is our top priority. We understand the inherent risks involved in operating skid steers, especially during mowing/mulching tasks. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality doors that are designed to keep operators protected and secure within the cab. Explore our range of sturdy and reliable skid steer doors and invest in safety today for a more confident and secure working environment.

Looking for Parts? Take a look at our selection of durable Sickle Mower wear parts or Call: 866.966.2538 if you can't find what you need.


  • 7' and 9' foot cut width options
  • Flow requirement: 15 GPM - 20 GPM @ 3000 PSI Rated
  • 36 Replaceable Cutter Teeth (9 Foot)
  • Can cut below 45 degrees flush to the ground and at 110 degrees to the ground allowing you to cut inside of ditches and along roadways
  • Uses a heavy non-clogging style sickle
  • Break-away bar so you do not damage the unit if you catch it on a rock or fence post
  • Fully replaceable sickles - Bolt on
  • Hydraulic lift and angle - 45 degrees to 110 degrees to the ground

What's Included?

  • Skid Steer Sickle Mower attachment
  • Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate
  • Attachment control device
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Owner's manual


From the owner of Skid Steer Solutions:

"I set out down our roadside and made one pass with the sickle following the contour of the road. I was able to mow everything back and away from the roadway 7 feet - 9 feet. Up until now I had nothing that could do this as it is next to impossible to hang a mower beside a skid steer as they are just too heavy. The sickle only weighs 100 lbs. so it does not affect the balance of the machine one bit.

The next path was with the sickle fully extended and down in the ditch. This time instead of just cutting grass, I was able to cut small Alder trees that tend to grow up and out of the ditch and scratch our vehicles as we drive by. This is a monumental feat as we have live with this problem for 13 years. The sickle would cut up to 2 inch trees. If they were too big, the sickle would not accept the tree and would just push back. If I forced it, the trip mechanism would kick the blade out so I could not damage anything. I would just back up a few feet to reset and was on my way.

The next job was the trees that line our main driveway. The branches up high droop down onto our vehicles and scratch the roof as we go by. I use a tree shear to get what I can but cannot reach high enough to get the base of the branch so they keep coming back. With the Skid-Sickle, I have the 7 feet to 9 feet of length of the sickle plus the lift height of the skid steer to give me a 17 foot reach. This was the best grooming our driveway has ever seen. In only a few minutes, it looks extremely professional.

You could literally make a business out of this as everyone in a rural setting with private roads has this problem. Horse trails where the branches hit the riders in the face; you could clear these completely out of the way. Now that is a SOLUTION!!"
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Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on and its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Expendable components and "wear parts" including but not limited to blades, knives, teeth, oil, chain sprockets, skid shoes, knife mounting discs, and similar components are usually excluded from manufacturer warranties. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page.


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