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Skid Steer Dual Hitch Receiver | Eterra

Skid Steer Dual Hitch Receiver | Eterra

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170.00 LBS
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Eterra Dual Hitch Receiver

The Eterra Dual Hitch Receiver for skid steers is ideal for moving vehicles, parking boats, moving trailers, and even moving mobile homes! Hitch balls pictured are NOT INCLUDED with the purchase of the attachment. 

The hitch receivers are a single piece casting with chain loops integrated into the top of the hitch so you don't drag your chains through the dirt.  The Eterra Hitch can be mounted in the upper or lower positions of the Eterra Mount plate.  In this configuration, you will have both positions filled with the receivers. 

The Eterra Hitch is just like it says in the name. It is simple to use and its uses are unlimited. Many keep a couple around their yard with different ball configurations. With the power Bob-Tach on a machine, you'll be able to pick up and move different items without ever getting out of your machine. This attachment is rated to haul at least 5,000 lbs. 

This is no ordinary backplate, it's structurally sound as a standalone backplate and tool carrier. This means you do not have to weld it to another plate to keep it from bending. It is capable of handling any load that you can put on it. It uses a universal mounting pattern that allows you to mount the hitch in two different locations on the plate. 

Included with this unit is the Universal Skid Steer Backplate and 2 x Hitch receivers. Please note that hitch balls are not included.

Testimonial from the Owner of Eterra

"We created this back in 1996 and sold a few locally, but we really never marketed it a lot. We just liked having a few around for moving our trailers. As the years have passed, we have watched others copy this product and even try to patent our original design. We have now sold thousands of these and have listened to our customers main concern. We have also lowered the price of the original single receiver. The most valuable skid steer trailer mover available just got better."

150 lbs.

Product Videos

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  • Skid Steer Hitch Receiver - Product Overview
    An Eterra original, the Skid Steer Hitch Receiver allows you to hook up and move anything with a hitch. Move boats, vehicles, or anything else with the power of your Skid Steer. Very simple to use, the Eterra Hitch installs on their Universal Skid Steer Backplate, which is super strong, expertly welded, and capable of handling just about anything. The Mounting plate is capable of handling one or two hitches. Utilize a dual hitch for moving multiple objects and tackling whatever job you're looking to complete. Shop the Skid Steer Hitch Receiver at Skid Steer Solutions: Shop the Skid Steer Dual Hitch Receiver at Skid Steer Solutions: Skid Steer Solutions carries a wide variety of plates and adapters for multiple uses:

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