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Skid Steer Disc Mulcher Attachment | Bradco

Skid Steer Disc Mulcher Attachment | Bradco

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2,410.00 LBS
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Bradco Skid Steer Disc Mulcher Attachment 

Bradco released their all new Skid Steer Disc Mulcher attachment in spring 2020, meaning they're a little late to the game. There's one huge advantage to being a late mover though: you get to learn from everyone else's mistakes. This innovative new disc mulcher is designed to solve the issues that other manufacturers have seen with their disc mulchers, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime spent on service.

This disc mulcher attachments runs efficiently on machines from 30-45 GPM and requires a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 2,600 lb. A case drain is required. 

Maximize Productivity

  • Wide-angle intake promotes mulching and helps avoid jams.
  • Ultra-efficient drive system designed for fast start up, high tip speed, and maximum power to the head.
  • MulchPowerTM gauge visible from the cab, warning operators of bog-down, ensuring ideal disc speed is maintained (see video).

Minimize Downtime

  • Zero maintenance bearing housing never needs to be greased.
  • Reinforced debris shovel keeps teeth out of the dirt and places material perfectly for optimal processing.
  • Interchangeable and rotatable QUADCO teeth simplifies service and combats uneven wear patterns.


  • Control debris projection with a two-position, adjustable deflector.
  • Removable debris shovel allows teeth to work below grade and provides easier processing of light brush.
  • Dual-function push bar smoothly pulls trees in on the right side, grabs to manipulate trees on the left side.
  • Protected against damage from wire and other hazards.


  • Flow Rate of 30-45 GPM
  • Requires 2,600 lb ROC minimum
  • Pressure is 3,300 PSI minimum (case drain required)
  • Fells trees up to 14 inches
  • Processes up to 8 inch material
  • Grind stumps to grade
  • Heavy Machined Steel QUADCO Disc - perfectly balanced for power and smoothness
  • Leading edge debris shovel 
  • Adjustable deflector
  • Dual function, intelligent designed push bar
Max Processing Diameter:
Disc Width:
76" x 76" x 40"
Mount Type:
Universal Skid Steer
Flow Rate:
30-45 GPM
3,300 PSI minimum (case drain required)
Rated operating capacity (ROC):
2,600 lbs Minimum
Max Cutting Capacity:
Disc Type:
QUADCO Machined Steel
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

Paladin's New FD60 Forestry Disk Mulcher for Land Management 01:19
  • Paladin's New FD60 Forestry Disk Mulcher for Land Management
    Our new Forestry Disk mulcher combines felling, mulching, and stump grinding into a single tool for maximum efficiency. Our new technology helps reduce jamming by trees and brush so that operators can work without interruption. Additionally, our leading-edge debris shovel gets under and directs material straight into the cutter, which means the front end of the disk doesn't dull the teeth -- allowing teeth to stay sharper longer.

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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